Assembly Instructions for 1-CS2L


Your package should contain

         4 angle iron bars (2 left and 2 right)

         2 C-Clamps

         2 bolts

         4 white plastic inserts

         4 threaded support legs


  1. Insert the white plastic inserts into each of the 4 legs on the angle iron bars.
  2. Screw the 4 threaded support legs into the white plastic inserts of the support legs.  Do not screw the support legs all the way in yet.  
  3. Take a left angle iron bar and lay it flat on the floor.  The support leg should be to your left and will be touching the floor. 
  4. Place a C-Clamp onto the bar.  There is only one way it can go. 
  5. Push the C-Clamp toward the left support leg until it is touching the support leg.
  6. Lay a right angle iron bar on top of the left angle iron bar.  The support leg of the right angle iron bar should be to your right and touching the floor.
  7. Push the C-Clamp to the right until it is loosely clamping both angle iron bars. 
  8. Insert the bolt into the hole on the C-Clamp.  Loosely tighten the bolt so that the parts stay together, but do not tighten the bolt completely.
  9. Place the support bar inside your metal bed rails.
  10. Adjust the support legs so they are the right height.  The top of your new support should be even with the height of your bed side rails. 
  11. Extend the center support bar until it is the proper width for your bed.
  12. Tighten the bolt on the C-Clamp.  You may wish to use a pair of pliers to get this really tight.
  13. Repeat step 1 through 12 with the second center support bar.