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I'm an Ugly Bed Rail Set

An Ugly Bed Frame

Let's face it: Though I am very useful and supportive, I'm not attractive. In fact, I am a downright ugly bunch of brown or black angle iron riveted together. There is nothing even remotely pleasing about my appearance, from my feet to my headboard and footboard brackets. That is why designers always cover me up with an attractive bed skirt.

Shipping doesn't help. I get even uglier as I am shipped across the USA. I really take a beating as I get passed along conveyor belts, hefted into and out of delivery trucks. I get scratched, scraped, and my ugly brown or black finish gets chipped off as my parts rub together inside my box.

After consulting shipping experts,we have determined that the only way to prevent shipping scrapes, bruises, and scratches would be to bubble-wrap each piece of my already-ugly-self individually. (Remember that I was ugly before I started my journey to your house!!) Physically opening each box and bubble-wrapping each piece of me would result in major price increases for our customers and more waste for our environment. That really doesn't make much sense to the folks at TSS or me.

If you are someone who expects to receive a pretty box on her front porch, you won't be happy with me. I promise that my box will look terrible when it arrives. The folks at The Sleep Shop use a lot of tape on my box to make sure that all my parts get to you in good working condition. Before shipping, some bed frames and rail sets are opened to install edging to prevent major damages. That means 99% of the time your bed frame will arrive in good working condition. However, due to my bulky, awkward, hard-to-ship size you will also receive an UGLY box, with an UGLY (but usable) bed frame inside.

If this bothers you, please try and find your bed rail set at a store in your local area. Those bed rails will also be ugly, but at least they won't have travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles to reach you, resulting in additional scratches, scrapes and dents that you know will make you unhappy!

Sorry if I've rambled, but I think it is good to know What to expect when you're expecting bed rails!

Expect an UGLY BOX.
Expect an even UGLIER BED RAIL SET.
Expect a usable frame with scratches, dents, and scrapes.
Expect to use a bed skirt.

Contact us if you are missing parts or if your bed rail set has arrived in unusable condition. Despite all our efforts, this happens from time to time. We are here to help you with any problems you have or to help you assemble your item if you need help! Toll free: 1-800-905-6252 - 9:30am to 5:30pm - Monday through Saturday EST.

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