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Buyer's Guide: Traits of a Good Salesperson

According to a recent questionnaire sponsored by The Retail Institute, customers shopping for a mattress expect a mattress salesperson to be informed, friendly, and helpful, without being overbearing. Our mattress sales team at The Sleep Shop embodies all these traits. Following are traits that consumers expect in a mattress salesperson:

  1. The salesperson should greet each customer warmly. Customers like to feel welcome in a store, so at The Sleep Shop, we make it a point to greet each customer as he or she walks in the door.
  2. The salesperson should be knowledgeable about mattresses and should be able to explain the differences between mattresses. For example, why is one mattress better than another? When someone starts working here, they don't leave. Because of this fact, our employees have lots and lots of experience answering all kinds of mattress and bed frame questions.
  3. They should be friendly. Shopping for a mattress puts a customer in a vulnerable state, if you think about it. It feels awkward lying down on beds in front of someone you don't know. A friendly salesperson can really put a customer at ease. Our sales team is friendly, courteous, and completely unintimidating.
  4. A good mattress salesperson is available for answering questions, but should give customers time and space to shop without hovering. If you want help at our store, we're here, but if you want space, we'll just let you look.
  5. The salesperson should care about their customers' needs and budget. Most mattress sales people are paid a commission for each mattress they sell. Selling a more expensive mattress will provide a bigger commission, but a really good mattress salesperson will listen carefully to each customer to recommend a mattress that suits not only the customer's body but also the customer's budget. At The Sleep Shop, we all earn a salary and are paid the same no matter what we sell. This keeps us honest! We have no need to push you into purchasing something that exceeds your budget.
  6. A good salesperson provides an overall positive shopping experience. Here's how we do this at The Sleep Shop: You get a warm greeting and friendly service. We'll answer your questions, provide you with a mattress education, and we'll give you the best price we can every day. We'll make sure you understand mattress warranties, the differences between mattress brands and different mattresses within brands.

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