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Buyer's Guide: Tips For a Great Night's Sleep

There is no doubt that good sleep is important for overall good health. Numerous studies have shown that a lack of restful sleep can be harmful to your health: People who suffer from sleep deprivation or even a small sleep deficit have higher stress levels, make more mistakes, and find it harder to make decisions than well-rested people.

Much as good sleep is important to good health, good health habits are important to good sleep. An overall healthy lifestyle- one that includes exercise, normal mental stimulation during the day, and proper diet - helps ensure better sleep. Not ready to change your whole lifestyle? Well, there are a few things you can do that don't require a complete lifestyle change!

  • Make sure your bedroom is dark. Use room darkening window coverings to ensure light does not stream into your bedroom.
  • Turn down the heat. Most people sleep better in a cool bedroom - around 65 to 70 degrees is optimal.
  • Clear clutter. It is difficult to relax in a cluttered bedroom, so keep the room as tidy as possible.

Don't skimp on your bed sheets. Sometimes the difference between a good night's sleep and a bad one has more to do with your bed linens than with the mattress. Launder your sheets weekly to keep them fresh and clean.

We've already mentioned how a darkened room and soft sheets promote good sleep. Now, let's consider your senses of smell and hearing.

  • For centuries, scents like lavender have been known for their calming effects. Try a lavender scented linen spray or scented sachet near your bed to help ease you into sleep naturally.
  • If you find yourself easily distracted by common household noises, noisy neighbors, or barking neighborhood dogs, consider using a white noise machine or sound conditioner to help mask these unwanted noises. White noise machines are a great choice, because they supply a constant stream of steady swooshing sound like a fan blowing. This is a great sound that is very calming and easily drowns out distracting sounds.
  • Don't eat chocolate. Chocolate has caffeine in it that can disturb your sleep.
  • Don't drink caffeine. Duh.
  • Don't drink alcohol for a few hours before bed. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol prevents good sleep.

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