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Full to Queen Converter Rails with 3 Supports
Full to Queen Converter Rails with 3 Supports
Full to Queen Converter Rails with 3 Supports
Full to Queen Converter Rails with 3 Supports
Full to Queen Converter Rails with 3 Supports
Full to Queen Converter Rails with 3 Supports
Full to Queen Converter Rails with 3 Supports
Full to Queen Converter Rails with 3 Supports
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Full to Queen Converter Rails with 3 Supports

Item No. : CVT-3
Weight: 43 lbs

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Queen size bedding offers more space for couples! Often you don't want to part with a beloved full size bed. The full to queen converter rail set with three supports provides extra support for your treasured bed and mattress investment.
Product Details

Assembly Instructions and Templates

Converter with 3 Supports

  1. This converter rail set has 3 cross supports, and it also has 3 legs to the floor. It provides good support for your queen mattress set.
  2. Keep in mind: Adding a converter rail to your full size bed is a bit like adding an after-market part to your automobile. Sometimes those parts work great on your car (or bed!) but sometimes you need a bit more support. After all, you're adding a mattress set that is 6" wider than was meant to be used on the bed. The extra support adds stability. But a strong word of caution - If you expect this product to be as sturdy as your original wood rails, you should buy a new queen size bed. Converting a bed is not for you. Some beds work brilliantly, while others, not so much.

Learn How Converter Rails Work:

  1. First, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, converter rails are uniquely designed to enable you to use a queen mattress set on a full (standard, double, regular) size bed. Therefore, converter rails only work on full size beds. Converter rails do not work on queen size beds. If you have a queen size bed or you need queen bed rails, order QUEEN BED RAILS. Please call us if you are confused. We are always happy to help!
  2. On a full size bed, converter rails accommodate the WIDTH OF QUEEN BEDDING: The rails use 4 durable "L" brackets to accommodate the extra width of a queen size mattress! Click for picture.
    L-brackets are bolted onto the bed side-rails, which allow for the extra width of queen size bedding.
  3. Converter rails are the LENGTH OF QUEEN BEDDING: The usable space on our converter rails measures 82" - 83" long to accommodate the length of queen size bedding.
  4. Converter rails come with an adjustable height center support leg.
    Adjustable height center support legs safely adjusts from 7" to 11" or from 11" to 15" tall to provide the necessary support for your queen size bedding. Select the proper size for your bed above.
  5. Will Converter Rails Work for My Bed?

    Converter rails fit most FULL SIZE BEDS - even antique ones. The following steps will help you determine if converter rails will work on your bed. Start by taking a look at your full size headboard and footboard. . .

    • STEP 1: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Converter rails only work on FULL SIZE BEDS. (Full size is sometimes called regular, standard, or double size.) Is your bed really a full size bed? If your bed measures approximately 53½" to 55½" wide, then yes, your bed is a full size. Continue to STEP 2. If your bed is wider than 55½", your bed is not a standard full size bed. Do not order this item without calling us and/or reading every word on this page very carefully.
    • STEP 2: Before ordering this item, check your head and footboard. Many beds are designed for both full and queen sizes. If your bed is designed for both sizes, you will find two slotted areas on each side of your headboard and two slotted areas on each side of your footboard. The full size slots will be about 53½ - 54 inches apart (sometimes 55" - 55½" apart) and the queen size slots will be about 58 - 60 inches apart. If you have slots for queen size, do not order this item. Instead, order queen bed rails.
    • STEP 3: Take a look at your current bed side rails. Do they appear to hook-on
      Picture of a typical hook-style bed rail bracket. Please note the measurements are not exact and may vary slightly by manufacturer, but work for most beds in which the rails attach by hooking in to the head and footboard.
      or bolt-on ?
      The above picture is an example of a typical bolt-on bed rail bracket. Not all bolt-on bed rails will look exactly like this, but all bolt-on bed rails will have some arrangement of holes in which to secure bolts.

      Click for an easy-to-use, printable hook template. Cut it out to see if the hooks will work on your bed. Does your bed attach with bolts instead? Here's a template for the bolt-on brackets. These are the ONLY two types of converter rails that are produced. If your current rails attach using a different system, you will need to have a local machine shop or welder customize a solution for you. (Or drill new holes in your bed.) To learn more, see Four beds that converter rails won't easily convert.
    • STEP 4: MEASURE YOUR current bed:
      This requires removing your current bed rails. From midway between the two hook pins, measure down to the floor. (If your bed is a bolt-on bed, please measure from the midway point between the bolt holes to the floor. ALWAYS err on the side of ordering TALLER than you think you'll need. If your bed is 9-1/8 inches all, order the 7 - 11 inch size. If the distance is 11 - 15 inches, select, 11 - 15 inches. Please note: The Sleep Shop shall not be held responsible for the rare occasions when this method doesn't work or if you accidentally measure incorrectly.
    • The overall height of your bed should be considered, as well. With normal wood rails, your box spring sits several inches down inside the wood rail. Converter rails work differently than wood rails. The basic design is a set of angle iron bed rails turned upside down. Your box spring or foundation will rest on top of the rails, rather than down inside of them. Using a converter rail set, your box spring will rest approximately 1 inch below the top hook. Often, this makes your bed taller than before.
    • Please note: There are hooks on each end of both hook-on bed rails or bolt plates on each end of the bolt-on bed rails. This allows you to attach to both a headboard and a footboard. You must have both a full size headboard and a full size footboard to use a converter rail set.
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Product Reviews

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"Just didn’t fit"

Suzannah on 1/27/2020 5:15:02 PM

Overall product rating:

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Full Star Full Star

Comments: I had same issues as another customer where the box spring just would not fit into the rails so one side not it. If there is a solution I sure would like to know because I am considering another full size bed but don’t want the same issues. Otherwise ordering was easy, and arrived quickly [Thanks for your feedback. The converter rails should have been long enough for your box spring, unless your box spring is unusually long. Does your box spring measure the standard queen size - approximately 80... More details

"Perfect Solution"

C Beth on 8/14/2018 8:32:15 AM

Overall product rating:

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Comments: I don't know what took us so long to do this. I was concerned the larger size of a queen bed would not work with our antique pine headboard or in the small bedroom but I hardly can tell the difference, in aesthetics, length or width. The antique bed still looks 100% convincing. The rails work PERFECTLY. A long overdue and totally worthwhile investment.

"Works great with Antique Bed"

D. Mauldin on 2/24/2018 7:33:50 AM

Overall product rating:

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Full Star

Comments: We had to modify the hooks as our bed used only one [hook] at each corner. This was easily done with a dremel cutoff tool. Bed looks great with the queen size mattress

"Simple & Easy"

Bruce D. on 7/4/2017 7:39:28 PM

Overall product rating:

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Comments: Since the assembly time was short (45 minutes), Ill be brief. Online video is a must watch instructions were easy to follow and the assembly time was short with a perfect result. One caution: Inspect and identify all the little parts. I was missing two screws and was able to make do with some of my own.

"Full to queen converter rails"

Sonja W. on 6/10/2017 9:52:33 AM

Overall product rating:

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Comments: These rails worked perfectly to convert our antique full size bed to queen. They were simple to use and we're sleeping better than ever!

"Had a problem"

Claudia J. on 3/2/2017 8:52:28 AM

Overall product rating:

Empty Star Empty Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Comments: Attached the hook-type converter rails as per the instructions, but when we placed the box spring, we could not get it to lie properly. At first we thought the box spring might be an anomaly, so we tried it with a different box spring and experienced the same difficulty. My husband turned the left side L brackets upside down, reattached it to the frame, and then obtained two more L brackets and attached them to the ones he turned over to get extra length. (Hi Claudia, Please call us to disc... More details

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