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Blue Magic Waterbed Fill Kit
Blue Magic Waterbed Fill Kit

Blue Magic Waterbed Fill Kit

Item No. : 4-66-FILL

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The Blue Magic Waterbed Fill Kit contains the adapters needed to fill your waterbed. Also comes with a 4 oz bottle of waterbed conditioner formulated to treat and condition water and fiber mattresses.

Filling a Waterbed Successfully

For safety, first unplug your waterbed heater prior to draining or filling your waterbed. To avoid a bacteria-filled waterbed mattress, it is important to use a clean, uncontaminated hose to fill or drain your waterbed. This will prevent unwanted bacteria from entering your bed through a dirty hose which was been stored outside.

The Blue Magic Waterbed Fill Kit includes a Faucet Adapter that makes it easy to adapt the threads of the waterbed filling hose to the threads of the faucet. The kit also includes a Perfect Union Adapter that attaches to the waterbed mattress valve.

  • First, remove the airscreen from the faucet that will be used to fill your waterbed mattress. Screw the faucet adapter to the faucet. Attach the clean hose to the faucet adapter.
  • Attach the Perfect Union Adapter to the other end of the water hose. On your waterbed mattress, pull up on the Pull-Cap tabs to extend the telescoping valve and remove the Pull-Cap. Connect the Perfect Union Adapter onto the mattress valve.
  • Fill the mattress with warm, not hot water. When the waterbed is filled to the desired level, turn off the water. Remove the hose and remove the Perfect Union Adapter from waterbed valve.
  • Shake bottle of Blue Magic 4 oz waterbed conditioner vigorously. Then dump entire contents of the bottle into the filled waterbed.
  • Burp the air bubbles out using a broom handle. Heat waterbed to desired temperature - can take 4 - 5 days. Make sure to close the waterbed valve. Repeat every 8 - 12 months for hardside free flow waterbeds. Every 4 - 6 months for fiber waterbeds (or waveless/semi-waveless).
  • If your bed was treated properly before, there is no need to drain your waterbed. Simply shake the bottle and dump the contents into your bed once every 8 - 12 months free flow or 6 - 8 months for waveless to protect it.

Keep waterbed conditioner out of the reach of children. Corrosive. Causes eye damage and skin damage. Do not get in eyes, on skin, and do not swallow.

Product Details
  • 1 - Faucet Adapter - makes it possible to adapt the threads of the filling hose to the threads of the faucet.
  • 1 - Perfect Union Adapter - attaches to the other end of the hose and the waterbed mattress valve for filling up the mattress with water.
  • 1 - 4 oz bottle of Blue Magic Waterbed Condtioner - use waterbed conditioner to treat and condition waterbed mattresses and fiber mattresses.
  • Use one 4 oz bottle every 8 - 12 months for hardside waterbed mattresses. Use one 4 oz bottle of conditioner every 4 - 6 months for waveless or semi-waveless waterbed mattresses containing fiber.
  • Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner helps keep the interior of the waterbed free of bacteria and mold build up. It also lubricates the interior or the waterbed mattress making it last longer.

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