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Bed Risers

Safe and sturdy bed risers allow you to maximize the space in your bedroom by adding extra inches to your bed's height. These extra inches make a big difference in storage space, allowing you to fit more (and taller) storage containers under the bed. A simple set of bed risers can make a big and inexpensive difference in a cramped bedroom.

Adjustable High Rise Bed Casters give you extra height and mobility, which is especially useful on carpets and rugs. Each caster can support up to 125 pounds, which means they are highly supportive. Furthermore, they are adjustable, so you can change the height depending on your needs. A foot activated brake keeps your bed in place, but the ball bearing construction means you can move it just as easily. Combined with 360 degree swiveling wheels, the ball bearing construction gives you the ultimate mobility.

Another option for raising your bed is a set of G10 Deluxe Bed Risers. These risers offer a sturdier alternative to adjustable casters. Although they don't offer the mobility or adjustability of casters, they are much more durable. Unlike some risers, the G10 Deluxe replaces your frame's foot or wheel, which helps it stay in place much better that risers that simply slip over the foot or wheel.

By adding up to three inches to your existing frame, these risers give you up to ten inches of space under your metal bed frame, perfect for storing out-of-season clothing or extra bedding. That means more space for the things you want to see, and more room to store the things you don't.

When ordering bed risers, be sure to order the correct number of risers for your existing frame. The Adjustable High Rise Bed Casters come in packages of two, so you might need to order two or even three packages depending on the number of legs on your bed. G10 Deluxe risers come in packages of four, five, or six, so you can simply order one package with the right number of risers.

No matter which style you choose, these risers are sure to clear up space in your bedroom by adding space under your bed.

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