Time to Replace my Mattress?

In this industry there seems to always be a push to replace your mattress in a certain number of years. There’s a big box company out there with a rather annoying jingle about how you should “replace after eight”. While I agree that mattress companies overshoot their warranties by long shots, take the “replace after eight” jingle with a grain of salt too. Now, with that being said here’s the question to ask yourself that may help your decision become easier.

Is it still comfortable?

If the answer is no, you should probably replace it.  If the answer is yes, then you don’t really need too.

comfortable mattress

 A few things factor into the comfort life of a mattress. For one, the quality of the materials within the mattress.  Some brands use cheaper foams, thinner springs…etc. If you aren’t using a box spring or a properly supporting platform bed it will probably shave off some comfort life. Not only should you have a boxspring but it’s highly suggested to have a matching boxspring to that particular mattress.  (It’s always very import to have proper support of a mattress through box springs and bed frame supports) The weight of the person sleeping on the mattress is also a big factor.  The heavier the weight on the mattress is, the faster the mattress will wear out.  The amount of time spent and bed and the motion during the night play a role in durability too.

          Aside from durability our bodies change over time as well. We may outgrow a mattress far before the typically recommended 5-10 year mark. Depending on pain, weigh gain or loss, and several other factors you may need something a little more supportive or a little softer.

           So in short, although the recommend time frame is anywhere between 5-10 years, comfort trumps all. And, for the next time you go shopping check our guide to make sure you find one you love!

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