Hate Your Newly Purchased Mattress?

Yikes!! You just spent over a thousand dollars on your new mattress and you hate it!

Now what? Well, if you’re anything like me, you certainly don’t have another 1000+ dollars sitting in the bank to purchase a new mattress when you just bought one. Hopefully these tips can help make everything all better.

  1. First,  give it a week or two.  When you spend 7 – 8 hours every night on one surface and then suddenly change, sometimes you need to give a new mattress a chance.  It’s very common especially with memory foam not to love it automatically.
  2. If you still can’t make peace with it, check the mattress store policy. In North Carolina we can’t accept returns due to our laws. However, in some states they are allowed to take returns and re-sell them. Also, certain Serta mattresses (and a few other brands, I’m sure) offer their own specific comfort guarantee.
  3. Is it sagging already? Unless they also run a bed frame shop, most mattress stores don’t stress the importance of a center support. If you don’t have a center support with at least one leg to the floor, this can lead to sagging which makes a mattress unnecessarily uncomfortable. I even suggest getting two to three.  The more the better.  The Bed Beam System and Strong Arm  are two of our customers’ favorites. You just might actually love your mattress once it’s properly supported!
  4. Is your new mattress too firm? First try taking off your shoes and walking (or lightly bouncing) on the mattress. A lot of times the mattress you get in your home will be slightly firmer. This is because the floor model in the store has been tested from 3 months to 2 years before you came along and gave it a try. Still not doing the trick? Try adding a nice a soft, luxurious mattress topper to soften it up. A lot of our customers love the feeling of a firm mattress and a padded topper and purchase the combo intentionally.
  5. Too soft? This is one of the areas where is might be better off trying to sell it too someone you know or online. You could try purchasing a really foam memory foam topper but other than that, it’s hard to fix this problem.

To make sure you find a mattress you love next time check our guide to finding the right mattress for you.

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