What Bed Frame Type Do I Need?

There are so many types of bed frames. Standard, deluxe, hook-on, bolt-on, heavy duty, etc. Shopping for a bed frame can be really overwhelming even for someone who works in a bed frame store. I can only imagine how confused people that have no clue where to start get. I thought you all might like a handy-dandy guide so here you go!

Click the links for more information on each bed frame type.

First , is your head board hook-on, or bolt-on.  Click the links to learn the difference between the two.

Now, keep that in mind through your buying process. Manufacturers typically make each bed frame with both ends available however some are specific to hook-on or bolt-on. *shopping tip- make sure to ask about the type of hook.  Hooks vary as do headboard/footboard pins*

Do you have a foot board and a head board? If so you need bed rails.  You may also choose to get a headboard and footboard frame for a sturdier option.

If you only have only a headboard or nothing at all you need a stand alone bed frame.  Bed frames come in many varieties. There are standard frames, deluxe frames, heavy duty frames, tall bed frames and low profile frames.

Once you know which category you’re in after asking yourself those questions, the rest is personal preference. Read about each of the products and pick the one you think would fit you and your bed the best!

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