What Is Your Sleep Style?

Starfish, snail, stick on the ground: No – we’re not going on a nature walk! We’re talking about your sleep style. Surprisingly enough, how you sleep at night could say a lot about your personality. (It can also tell you if it’s time for a new mattress!)

The Starfish

Starfish Sleep PositionIf you sleep on your back with your arms and legs spread out, you’re one of these sea-dwellers. According to surveys, it’s the least popular way to sleep — especially for those who have to sleep in bed with someone else. Starfishes make time to be good to their friends, listening to their problems and always offering help.

The Snail

Also known as the fetal position, you’re a Snail if you tuck yourself into a tight ball to slumber. The Snail is popular, and although it may seem uncomfortable, many people enjoy sleeping like this. Snails have tough exteriors but on the inside are sensitive and can be shy.

The Stick

Sticks sleep on their sides in a straight line with arms close to their body. They don’t move much throughout the night, and thankfully for their partners they don’t take up too much room. Sticks are very sociable and popular, but they’re also a little too trusting for their own good.

The Eagle

Freefallers, or Eagles, sleep on their stomachs with their arms by the pillows and their heads turned to one side. Eagles love to be sociable and hang out with their friends — but be careful with what you say, they’re not known to have the thick skin to deal with criticism.

The Koala

Pillow-snuggling Koalas can’t sleep without grabbing some bedding and cuddling all night long. (When was the last time you invested in good pillows for your Koala?) Koalas really value the relationship bonds in their lives, whether it’s friends or family, and will do anything they can to help those they love.

The Sloth

Sloths are a little different. Sloth sleepers spend their nights tossing and turning on the couch, because their mattress just isn’t cutting it. Sloth sleepers are grumpy, always tired, and their body has created an imprint on the sofa.

If it’s time to find a new sleep style — and a new mattress — start by taking a look at our selection online or coming in to shop our in-store inventory. Nobody likes being the Sloth!

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