Want the Best Bed Sheets?

If you want the best quality sleep, then you also want the best bed sheets. High quality bed sheets contribute to the overall quality of your sleep. When customers get a brand new mattress, they’ll often upgrade their pillows and their bed sheets. Even a cheap mattress set can feel better if you have good quality sheets and pillows!

I know a good bit about bed sheets. And I know about bad ones. Last year, I ordered a sample set of sheets that were supposed to be 600 thread count. My cost as a dealer for those was around $35 for a king set. I thought that it would be great to be able to sell a high thread count bed sheet set that was really affordable (cheap). I took my sample set of sheets home and washed them. I knew right away that these were not the best bed sheets! (The cost should have tipped me off, but I ordered the sample based on the advice of a trusted sales rep.) The so-called luxury bed sheets were very course and developed pills after the first night. Of course, I never purchased those sheets for my store. I would be ashamed to sell sheets like that to my customers. We have tested every set of bed sheets that we sell. The best bed sheets we carry are our Degree 4 Egyptian Cotton Sheets from Dreamfit. Soft, long-lasting, and beautiful the Dreamfit Degree 4 are our best selling sheet set. Our customer come back year after year to get more.

best bed sheets
Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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