Try the Casper and Purple Mattress at The Sleep Shop in Hudson, NC

Like many of my customers, I was curious about The Casper Mattress and the Purple Mattress. After all, who hasn’t seen those mattress ads on YouTube or heard them on podcasts? If you’ve seen the ads, then you probably believe either of the mattresses can cure whatever ails you! I cannot help wonder how much of their budget goes into advertising.

The Ordering Process

Both Casper and Purple have a simple ordering process. If you’ve ever ordered anything online, you won’t have any trouble. I didn’t have to call in for help to either mattress company, so I cannot speak about working with a customer service agent for either company. From the time I ordered to the time the Casper Mattress arrived was 3 days. Amazing. The Purple Mattress took a lot longer (9 days!), so if you are counting on guests coming soon, better go with Casper.

Casper Mattress Video

Purple Mattress Video

An Expert’s Opinion

I was selling mattresses when memory foam first came out, long before Casper Mattress, Purple Mattress, or bed in a box existed. 21 years to be exact. So what do I think? The Purple Mattress is so soft as to be unsubstantial. I would have a hard time recommending it to an overweight customer. It is likely to soften more over time as most mattresses do with use. The Casper Mattress has a more substantial feel. It is neither firm, nor soft, and it may suit many people. Having said that, Casper queen prices vary from $899 – $999, and we have several memory foam mattresses for less. Stop by our store on Highway 321 in Hudson, NC to try the Casper Mattress and the Purple Mattress before you order it online. See what we have to offer that’s comparable!

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  1. Awesome video and review of the Purple mattress. Thanks for providing this information and having the option to compare the various mattresses. I look forward to stopping by and trying yours out.


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