Three Ways to Create a Better Nightly Ritual

better nightly ritualDoes your bedtime ritual consist only of getting into bed, shutting your eyes, and doing your best to drift into the land of sleep? To get a good night’s sleep, you need to start “going to bed” before you even get in your pajamas. You need a better nightly ritual.

Begin the Process Early, and Go in Stages.

Online bedding shops know a thing or two about getting a great night’s sleep. Turn the lights down a few hours ahead of time. This cues the body to begin shutting down for the night, and will help make you feel sleepy. Avoid using the computer or your mobile devices, too, as this will be counter-intuitive. Instead, online bedding shops recommend eating something light, going to the bathroom, having a soak or shower, and doing some light stretching. Reading before bed is a good idea, too, as this will help tire the brain out.

Consider Sleep Aids.

Speaking of online bedding shops, you should consider purchasing some sleep accessories to help hasten your journey into sleep. For less than you’d think, you can get great bedding accessories online, like a sleep machine. These devices generate calming sounds, like rain, or white noise. These sounds can create a more peaceful and calming environment once you’re snug in bed. Online bedding shops also have allergy bedding products, that can help mitigate the problems allergies cause. Allergies often impact the quality of a person’s sleep. If you’re willing to invest in your sleep and consequentially your health, head to an online bedding shop to see what they have to offer.

Take Better Care of Your Mattress.

Most people know that the average adult requires between eight to eight and a half hours of sleep per night. What most people don’t realize, though, is that if you sleep eight hours a night, you’ll rack up nearly 3,000 hours on your mattress in just one year. Mattresses only have lifespans of between eight to 10 years, but if they’re not cared for, then those 3,000 hours are going to be harder and harder on it. For this reason, online bedding shops recommend that you rotate your mattress every other week, and flip it on occasion to ensure that it doesn’t get worn out too quickly. Though this is not a nightly ritual, it’s still a habit you should get into.

If you have trouble getting to sleep, online bedding shops recommend creating a better nightly ritual. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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