The truth about pillow tops

I think to cover myself I need to start out by saying, this is a matter of opinion and personal experience.  I’m going to follow that though with saying, we’ve been doing this for a very long time and you can trust the things I’m going to share with you.

The truth about pillow tops.

It seems like for every 5 people that walk through the door 3 ask where the pillow tops are.  1 asks, “Now is what they call a pillow top?”, pointing to the nearest mattress and usually flattest they see and the other 1 out 5 already know they absolutely do not under any circumstance even want to mistakenly look at a pillow top.

For the second group I mentioned, here is a pillow top:

pillow top
A pillow top has a visibly noticeable top sewn on. It’s actually what the name implies, a giant pillow that covers your entire mattress.

Now, the easiest way to explain these guys is to use bullets so, here we go:

  • They are very, very prone to body impressions.  You’ll more than likely develop a noticeable body impression within a few months. Then, the next thing you know you’re either sleeping in bowl or a “W”, depending on how much you snuggle with your partner.
  • The comfort life you feel in the store does not last very long at all.  Meaning, it could lead to serious discomfort and body aches.
  • They’re two times more likely than a normal mattress to have problems with severe sagging.  They aren’t very durable.
  • They’re reported to have more problems with off-gassing.

Though I don’t have but four bullets listed it’s the most important things they have problems with.  Comfort and durability.

The best alternative to a pillow top mattress is to buy a firmer bed and purchase a nice mattress topper to put on it.  This way, as the topper breaks down you can repurchase just the topper instead of an entirely new bed.

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