The Power Lift Support for King Beds

Take a look at the warranty card provided by the manufacturer of your mattress and box spring set. Your mattress warranty requires proper center support if you have a king or California king size mattress set. Without proper center support, your mattress may begin to sag in the middle or develop uncomfortable body impressions. Using your mattress without proper support can damage your mattress in a very short period of time. Always use a rigid center support bar with a leg or legs to the floor to support your king or California king size mattress set.

The Power Lift Support for King Beds is designed with your mattress warranty requirement of proper center support in mind. It’s so versatile that it comes with hardware to work with both wood side rails and angle iron side rails.

The Power Lift is designed to work with modern angle iron bed rails. It works with angle iron bed frames and bed rails that measure approximately 1/8″ thick. We love that the Power Lift is so versatile! You can also use it on a bed with wood bed rails, too. The package comes with hardware for both wood rails and metal side rails! The Power Lift support comes with wood screws for attaching to wood rails. It also comes with nuts and bolts for attaching to metal/angle iron side rails. (Most metal/angle side rails have holes for attaching center supports. Please check your rails prior to ordering this item for compatibility.)

The Power Lift is a set of TWO (2) center supports for your king size bed. Each center support has 3 legs to the floor. This more than meets your mattress warranty requirement! The Power Lift runs horizontally across your bed, NOT from head to foot, and you will still need a box spring or foundation.

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