The Kingmaker vs The Create-a-King

We made this low (no) budget film to show you our test of a new product on the market, The Kingmaker. The Kingmaker is designed to fit on two twin mattresses (or twin xl mattresses) and strap them together to make a king size bed.

We tested this product out on two of our twin XL mattress sets in our store. We loved the idea of the Kingmaker – it seemed so easy! Just one piece and there you go! Our buyer was interested because she was going to add this to our lineup, but in our tests we found The Kingmaker to be somewhat ill-fitting, with a hump in the middle. We tried to mash it down, but we couldn’t get the hump to go away.

We decided to test a product that we have carried for years, the Create-a-King (now called the Easy King) along with a topper. As you can see from our video, the Create-a-King/Topper was quite flat, no noticeable hump in the middle, and it holds the mattresses together very well.

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