The importance of a matching box spring

I’ve noticed a surplus of people coming through the door with a dog-eared copy of Consumer Reports. There is an article in the March 2014 issue that covers mattress shopping. In this article it mentions things like never paying the price you see on a mattress tag, haggling especially during the holidays, the fact that you don’t need a new box spring and a few other debatable topics. While this article may be a good guide to help you learn about the different brands of mattresses and companies to buy them from, it fails to mention a few key facts about the importance of a box spring. Most, if not all, mattress brands require you to have a new matching foundation to keep the warranty valid. The article briefly mentions this at the tail end of the paragraph covering the fact that you should keep your old one.

Another reason a new foundation is so crucial are the variations in mattresses between now and when you purchased your last mattress. The life span of a mattress is generally 8-10 years for most people and a lot changes in this industry during that time. For instance the mattress you purchased 10 years ago was most likely thinner, different materials were sewn into the mattress, and it was more than likely constructed differently. That box spring was made to match that mattress. If you keep a box spring for a thinner, less dense mattress and place a thicker, more luxurious mattress on top, it can cause the box spring to break down. This will result in discomfort, sagging, and again, voiding of the warranty.

The reason why most people opt out of the box spring is price, however, the weight of price is on the mattress itself. It would be a shame to ruin the comfort life and void the warranty of your $1500 mattress investment over a $200 box spring. The easiest way to insure you have the best box springpossible sleeping experience is to go to a knowledgeable sales person and purchase a complete mattress set. This includes a mattress, matching box spring and a sturdy bed frame with a center support that has a metal leg or legs to the floor.
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