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Odd Size Bedding Needs Frames Too

Odd Size Bedding

Odd size bedding like 3/4 (three quarter) bedding needs frames too. Yet, this can be a difficult bed frame to find. Bed frames are often designed to fit today’s standard bed sizes only. Because three quarter bedding was a popular size in the early 20th century, many of these beds are still in people’s homes. Many antique beds are this size. The measurements are 48″ wide X 75″ long, while some are only 72″ long.

What type of bed frame works with three quarter bedding?

Recently a customer contacted us about her antique three quarter bed. She also had odd size bedding, measuring 48″W X 72″L, that fit it perfectly. Because her room was small, she wanted to do away with the footboard. She planned to attach the headboard to the wall. I suggested the Twin to Queen Clamp Style Bed Frame that adjusts using clamps to any size from 39″ wide to 59″ wide. This allows for a perfect fit of odd size bedding.
odd size bedding

What was the outcome?

Over the weekend, I received a nice email from my customer in Kentucky saying that she was very happy with the solution. “Thanks for helping me find the right adjustable frame for my 3/4 short frame bed. Saved me lots of money buying a frame instead of replacing the mattresses.” She went on to say, “I was so happy to be able to solve the problem without breaking the bank. It is very sturdy now. We had wooden bedsides with wooden slats that were not very sturdy. We actually had a couple to land in the floor one night and just remained there till morning. Lol. This way we feel everyone can get a good nights sleep. Thank you for your help. Your service was great and so quick.”

Most important of all, it looks beautiful in her guest bedroom.

three quarter bed
Three Quarter Bed

Can you convert a three quarter bed?

First, what is a three quarter bed?

A three quarter bed is one that measures approximately 48 inches wide by 75 inches long. Because these beds were popular in the early to mid 1900’s, many people have them in their homes. Many antique beds are this size.

Can you convert a three quarter bed to a full size?

Since we sell full to queen converter rails, customers ask if we sell anything that will convert a three quarter bed to a full size bed. There is no “converter rail” set that will easily convert a three quarter bed to a full bed. There may be a bed frame solution, however, that might work for you.

Converting the whole bed

  1. To use the whole bed (meaning the headboard and the footboard) start by purchasing a full size bed frame for headboard and footboard.three quarter bed
  2. Next, you’ll need to bridge the distance in width between three-quarter and full size by ordering mod-adapt headboard plates. Mod-adapt plates are a useful tool for attaching over-sized or undersized headboards to standard metal bed frames.
  3. If your three quarter bed attaches using bolts, you don’t need the next bed frame accessory. If your three quarter bed attaches using hooks, you’ll need two bed hook adapter kits – one for the headboard and one for the footboard.

Using just the headboard

To┬áto use the 3/4 headboard only, opt for a Clamp-Style bed frame that adjusts from twin size to queen size. Most of today’s bed frames are designed to fit exact sizes, but clamp style bed frames are different. Because they allow for limitless adjustment, you get an exact fit on your box spring or foundation. To attach the headboard, order a mod-plate to bridge the distance between the two sizes. If necessary for hook-on beds, also add the bed hook adapter from step 3 above.