Serta Elite Mattress Protector

The Serta Elite Mattress Protector

Our son is nine-years-old. Even after he was out of diapers, he never wet the bed. We were very lucky! Yet I always protected his bed with my favorite protector, the Serta Elite Mattress Protector. Thankfully! While he never wet his bed, our cats, on more than one occasion, hopped right on his bed and used it as a litter box! I was always amazed that little protector kept the bad stuff from seeping through.
Serta Elite Mattress Protector

The Elite Protector is very thin, no thicker than a bed sheet. It doesn’t add bulk to your bed and won’t change the feel of your mattress. This is especially important when you use it on memory foam mattresses like Serta iComfort or TempurPedic. Using a thick mattress pad on those types of mattress can take away from the feel of the mattress. The Elite Protector fits snugly on your mattress. It is super easy to wash and it dries quickly.

This protector also comes in an encasement. We recommend the encasement for people who are prone to allergies. A Serta Elite Mattress Encasement helps keep dust mites and other allergens out of your mattress.

Mattress protectors help you avoid soiling or staining your mattress. This is important for your warranty. A good mattress protector like the Serta Elite Mattress Protector also helps your mattress last longer. Any sort of moisture, even small amounts of nightly sweat cause the foams in your mattress to break down over time. A mattress protector creates a barrier, protecting the foams inside your mattress.

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