Protect your floors!

There’s nothing more unsightly than a scratched up hardwood floor. If you have rollers or casters on your bed frame, you may end up with very scratched hardwood floors.

protect your floors

But I’m here to tell you, life doesn’t have to be this way. You can protect your hardwood floor for as long as you have it. ¬†Whether you have wheels or glides.

Protect Your Floors
Large Castor Cups

Why we like Slipstick Large Caster Cups

  • The large caster cups keep your bed frame in place.
  • Caster cups protect hardwood floors, tile, laminated flooring, parquet floors, and slate floors from being scratched by your bed frame wheels or castors.
  • Will support up to 250kg (550lb) per cup.

We have many options. Protectors for carpet, for hard wood. For feet and for wheels!

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