Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes
The most common mattress sizes are twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. Sometimes twin size is called a half bed. Full size is often referred to as double or standard size. Listed below are the most common bedding sizes (and some uncommon ones!). These sizes are approximate – each manufacturer has its own specs and sizes may vary slightly.

Twin Bed Dimensions:  38″ W X 75″ L

Other than a crib mattress, the twin size mattress is the smallest mattress available. A twin size bed is a good size bed for one child or one small adult.

Twin Extra Long (XL) Bed Dimensions: 38″ W X 80″ L

Twin XL Size mattresses are often used in college dorms, because they are a good size for one adult. They are longer than regular twin size mattresses to allow for the extra height of adults. Twin XL mattresses are also often used on adjustable beds.

3/4 Bed Dimensions: 48″ W X 75″ L

3/4 Beds (Three-quarter beds) are not manufactured today, but they were once a common bed size. You can find 3/4 beds in antique shops around the country. While larger bedding manufacturers do not make this mattress size, many small and independent bedding suppliers custom make this size. We do not not recommended 3/4 beds for couples, because of the small size. We recommend this size only for one adult or one child.

Full Bed Dimensions: 53″ W X 75″ L

Full size beds, also known as double or standard size are a good choice for children. While for many years, full size was the choice for many happy couples, it is hard to see how a couple got a truly good night’s rest on a full size bed. On a full size bed, each person only has 27 inches of space – that’s less than a crib! We recommend queen or king size for couples.

Full Extra Long Bed Dimensions: 53″ W X 80″ L

Full XL size is a usually a special order mattress, but it is a good size if you have less width in your bedroom. The 53″ width makes full extra long an unappealing bed size for couples, the extra length makes this a good choice for taller children who may have a smaller bedroom.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions: 60″ W X 80″ L

Queen size is the most popular size for couples. It has about 5 or 6 extra inches of width, compared with the full size mattress, and 5 more inches in length. Couples who like to snuggle find this size more appealing than the king size. Queen size is also a good size for guest rooms.

King Bed Dimensions: 76″ W X 80″ L

Over the years, king size has become a very popular option. Each person has his or her own sleeping space. There is generally less partner disturbance and both get a better night’s sleep. If you have pets or children who often climb in the bed with you, you’ll love the extra space of a king size bed. Sometimes, this size is called Eastern king.

California King Bed Dimensions: 72″ W X 84″ L

California king size is a good choice for taller people, because it is the longest of the standard bed sizes available. There is ample room in a California king size bed for two adults, and a pet or two. Maybe even a child! The most confused bed sizes are king and California king sizes. Customers often believe California king is much larger than king size, and they often believe their bed is larger than it really is! California king is narrower and longer, but not really bigger than Eastern king. When someone orders a California king size bed frame or bed support from our website, and they are not in California, we always call them to confirm the size. If a local customer in North Carolina wants a California king mattress, we ask them to measure twice because it is quite rare to have a California king size!

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