Mattress Measurements and Sizes

Graphic showing Mattress size measurementsA question we get asked often is, “What size is a (fill in the blank) mattress?”  Well, hopefully this graphic and the items below help answer that question for you.

  • Twin: 39″ X 75″
  • Twin Extra long: 39″ X 80″
  • Full, Double, Standard (These are all the same thing):  54″ X 75″
  • Full Extra Long: 54″ X 80″
  • Queen: 60″ X 80″
  • King (also called Eastern King): 76″ X 80″
  • California King: 72″ X 84″

Those are the typical mattress measurements, however, as of late MATTRESS MEASUREMENTS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE.  It’s a mad house.  That’s a bit of a dramatization,  but I measured all of the box springs on my showroom floor and not one of the brands matched with the other. Only the Sertas were true to these “standard” measurements.

The measurements ranged from 1/4 inch off to a whole inch off which is why is why its so important to MEASURE YOUR BED BEFORE BUYING A PRODUCT.  We have those words plastered all over our website and yet for the most part nobody does it.

Mattress companies are slowly changing the measurements. Whatever the reason though the bed frame world has been left out of the loop thus making for some frustrating situations.  If you order with us, we list the exact measurements to all of our products and you can call at anytime for double-checking.

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