How to turn two twins into a king

“How to turn two twins into a king” is a phrase very often searched.  Is it as easy as sliding the two mattresses together and calling it a day?  Not quite.  I guess you could do that but I think once you’re wedged in the crack of the bed at 3 am you’ll realize why it’s not the best idea.  Now, even though it’s not that easy  it’s not hard either.  All you need is a Create-A-King. What is a Create-A-King you ask? It’s just the handiest little thing since Replacement Bed Frame Feet. It’s a tool used to connect your two twin mattresses and make them a king. It comes with a long sheep skin connector and a band with buckles on the end. It comes in two thicknesses to accommodate any mattress.

Create a King

Here is a video demonstrating the Create-A-King on two of our mattresses.

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