How To Sleep Better!

If you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, try these tips!

Usually, people don’t have the most ideal sleeping environment.  This contributes to restless nights. To ensure you have a peaceful environment slowly try incorporating these habits and see if they help over time. It can’t hurt right?

Tips to Sleep Better

1.) Turn off any electronic devices at least an hour before bed. Melatonin is the chemical that makes you sleepy and it runs away from light – especially blue light which tends to be what cellphones and computers emit the most of.

2.) Try a noise machine. A nice rushing wave, crickets, or the soft trickling sound of rain can drift you off to the point of no return.

3.) Make sure your room is clean! Your brain can get stressed out if your environment is messy. If you don’t have enough space in your room to keep your room clutter free, try raising your bed and adding under bed storage.

4.) Write all the thoughts about your day down before you go to bed.  That way, you have time to process your day and get it out of your head so you aren’t laying there thinking about it all night.

5.) Read a book!

6.) Take a bath.

7.) Make sure your sheets are clean and make sure they’re comfortable! If you need suggestions, try our Dreamfit sheets!

8.) Develop a night time ritual! When you do the same thing over and over at night eventually your brain knows what’s coming next and will slowly start to release that melatonin.  For instance at the same hour every night go through a routine. Try taking a bath, applying lotion, and reading a chapter or two in your favorite book.

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