Headboard Hardware

We get calls every now and then from customers at the end of their ropes, looking for headboard hardware.

They lost the original ones and now it seems like no hardware store they go to has the right parts.

No fear! We sell exactly what you need (for most anyway).

headboard hardware

Also, when you buy a new headboard and footboard, the bolts, nuts, and washers that you need to attach them to your bed frame are usually included. If not, you can order one of our Headboard Hardware Packs!  These work with MOST beds that bolt-on. If you are trying to attach a headboard and a footboard, you will need two sets of hardware.

The headboard hardware pack includes four 3″ bolts and four lock nuts. The bolts have ROUNDED heads, NOT flat heads. (Please note: Due to periodic manufacturer changes, the hardware package contents may vary from exact configuration pictured above.)

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