Headboard Adapters

What types of headboard adapters are available to modify your headboard to accommodate your bed frame?

At The Sleep Shop we have several types of headboard adapters. Two of our most popular are mod adapt plates and bed hook adapters.

Mod Adapt Plates

If your headboard is over-sized, too small, or the holes don’t line up with your bed frame, mod-adapt headboard plates often easily solve this problem.

mod-adapt plates

Bed Hook Adapters

Bed Hook adapters are great if you have a hook on headboard, but you don’t want to use the footboard. Simply add a bed hook adapter to your bed frame, and hook it into your headboard. It’s a very simple, space-saving solution.

mod-adapt plates

Hopefully, one of these headboard adapter kits will save you time and money, allowing you to use your current frame with your new head board or vise versa!

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