Finding the Perfect Mattress

What do Sleeping Beauty, the Princess and the Pea, and Goldilocks have in common? They all know the importance of finding the perfect mattress. For most of us, though, that can be an even bigger and more confusing task than buying a new car! Fear not — a good night’s sleep is within reach, and we can help get you there.

The first step is finding the right store. Talk to your well-rested friends and family members to see where they got their mattress. Check online reviews or even give your local Better Business Bureau chapter a call to see which store has the best ratings. Most importantly, don’t go to a furniture store! Stick to the places that exclusively specialize in mattresses, bedding, and accessories to find employees with more experience and expertise like Princess and her finely-tuned ability to feel a pea 10 mattresses down.

Now, this is important: Make sure you take time to go mattress shopping! You won’t be able to find the right one if you’re in a rush, and you should block out about 3 hours — seriously! If you’re sharing the bed with a partner, bring them along and try out more than one option together. Spend about 15 minutes really testing out your choices by flopping, flipping, and contorting into every position you normally would when you sleep. Look for pressure points, back support, and movement on your side when your partner is moving. Ask Goldilocks — trying before you buy will help you eliminate any surprises after you get your mattress home and settled in the bedroom.

Something else to consider are the claims that “fancy” mattress can cure all your aches and pains as you sleep. While we’d all love to wake up looking and feeling like Sleeping Beauty, the only real way to get more beauty sleep is to take care of our bodies while we’re awake. Quitting smoking, eating better, and making sure to get 30 minutes of exercise a day can help us all improve sleep regardless of which mattress we choose. While we may not offer a cure-all in the form of a mattress, there are several firmness options to choose from along with different densities and fabrications. This is why it’s so important to really get comfortable in our showroom before you make a purchase.

Listen, we get it. Shopping for a new mattress is no fairy tale. But, if you’re armed with the right tips, a plan of action and a little customer service magic we can turn your dream of getting a great night’s sleep into a reality. We look forward to helping you write the perfect bedtime story!

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