Embrace bed frame by Knickerbocker

I was changing the sheets on our bed the other night. Unfortunately, it was past my normal bed time, but one of my cats had thrown up on our bed (YUCK!!) and I had to make a quick sheet change before my six-year-old son and I could crawl in the bed. (My husband was out of town for the week, and my sweet son and I take those opportunities to “snuffle” together in mommy and daddy’s bed!) I was stumbling around the bed trying to tuck the corners of the clean sheets on, and I tripped on one of my son’s stuffed animals. I ended up scraping my ankle against the hard metal corner of my steel bed frame. Two thoughts came to mind: 1. That’s gonna bruise. 2. If I had an Embrace Bed Frame, that never would have happened. The Embrace bed frame has no sharp edges, because it’s coated with a soft, yet durable polymer. I wouldn’t have a blue ankle right now. 🙁

Also, the Embrace frame comes in a variety of stylish colors that would look nicer in my bedroom than that ugly metal frame currently holding up my mattress. Embrace Bed Frame in Brown - No Bed Skirt Needed

I can really see why this bed frame would be a good choice for diabetics or anyone who wants to avoid injuring themselves in the bedroom!

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