Different Types of Cotton Sheets

What are the different types of Cotton Sheets?

Owing to climate and geography, certain regions of the world
produce better or more desirable cotton for sheet fabric.
Following is a brief description of some of the different types of
cotton used for making cotton sheets:

  1. Pima cotton is a variety of cotton developed in the southwest US. Pima is an extra-long-staple cotton that was developed from Egyptian cotton. Pima cotton, rivaling the quality of Egyptian Cotton, is often used to make high quality cotton sheets.
  2. The Nile Valley produces nearly the same breed of cotton as the US. Generally
    regarded as the finest cotton fiber, this cotton is called Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian cotton fibers are long, soft, thick, and are used to weave very high quality fabrics. Our Dreamfit Degree 4 Sheets are made from fine Egyptian Cotton. Dreamfit Degree 4 cotton sheets have a buttery soft feel that is super luxurious.
  3. “Sateen” cotton fabric is made from any variety of cotton, and the term “sateen” refers to the type of weave used in making the fabric. With sateen fabric, the weaver stitches four threads over, one thread under, placing the most threads on the surface. This creates an extremely soft cotton fabric with a satin-like finish. We offer Dreamfit Degree 3 Sateen Sheets in a beautiful array of colors. Sateen fabrics
    Sateen Cotton Sheets
    Degree 3 by Dreamfit – Sateen Cotton Sheets

    often feel a bit crisper at first, but these high quality sheets get softer with each washing.

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