Converting a full size bed to a queen size

If you have a great antique bed or full size bed but you don’t want to sleep on a full size mattress, you can use full to queen converter rails to convert your bed. Full to queen converter rails are easy to use. You just hook them in or bolt them on to your full size headboard and footboard. They are long enough to accommodate a queen size mattress set and the rails come with special “L” brackets that accommodate the width of a queen size mattress set.

Full to Queen Converter Rails
Full to Queen Converter Rails

There is only six inches difference in width between a full size mattress set and a queen size mattress set, so that means only three inches hang over on each side. Most of the time, once your bed is assembled with an attractive bed skirt, you won’t even be able to tell that the bed has been converted. You will love being able to sleep on a queen size mattress set instead of a full size.

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