Converting a 3/4 Bed to a Full

If you’ve found or inherited a three-quarter bed, you know that the mattress size is quite small, roughly 48 inches wide by 75 inches long. Three-quarter beds are great for smaller bedrooms and suitable for children, but finding a mattress may be difficult. Few of the major brands make special size mattress sets, so you’ll need to find a mattress manufacturer that still makes this size. Many independent manufacturers still make this size.

What if you want to convert the bed to a full size so the mattress and sheets and bedding are easier to find?

First use a full size bed frame for bolting on a headboard and a footboard. This frame is nice because it attaches both a headboard and a footboard. It also uses clamps, so you can adjust the frame to fit your box spring perfectly.

Full frame for bolting on head and footboard.

To accommodate the difference in size between the full and three-quarter bed, you’ll need two sets of mod adapt plates. Mod-adapt plates attach to the bed frame and bridge the gap between the 48 inch headboard and footboard and the 54 inch bed frame.

Mod-adapt Headboard Plates

If your 3/4 bed hooks on, you’ll need another gadget that attaches to the mod-adapt plates. It turns the whole frame into a hook-on frame. You’ll need two sets of Bed Hook Adapters.

Bed Hook Adapters

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