Choosing the Right Mattress

Choosing the Right MattressJust about 30 years ago, traditional innerspring mattresses were (sadly) pretty much our only option. Remember when you were a kid, jumping on a squeaky bed? Or feeling a coil dig into your back all night as you were trying to get comfortable? Yeah, so do we! Thankfully, mattresses have evolved and now there are plenty of choices for all types of sleepers. Choosing the right mattress means being educated about the options.  We want to help you by breaking down some of the most commonly-purchased types of mattresses.

Innerspring Mattresses

This is a traditional mattress fabrication, and despite all of the fancy mattress trends that have swept through, the innerspring mattress remains the most popular and usually the most cost-efficient choice. You can choose from a variety of firmness levels and they’re easy to transport during moves. The drawback of innerspring (or coil) mattresses is that they can be noisy and don’t offer any therapeutic benefits for those suffering from back pain or pressure. When shopping for an innerspring, don’t forget to consider coil gauge — thicker coils make for a firmer mattress.

Natural Fiber

Mattresses made of natural fiber (instead of synthetic foam) can be a little pricey, but they’re great for the environment and great for families who tend to choose products that help to reduce their carbon footprint. Choose cotton if you want up to 15 years of durability.  Wool is great for regulating sleep temperature (attention hot sleepers), and latex harvested from rubber plants is fire-resistant. Because these mattresses come from different sources it’s important to try them before you buy as each lends itself to different sleeping styles.

Memory Foam

You’ve probably heard a lot about memory foam mattresses, and there’s a good chance you own other products that already use memory foam technology. They are incredibly popular and known for conforming to your body shape and returning back to “normal” a few minutes after getting out of bed.

Some features of a memory foam mattress include:

  • Very comfortable
  • Can help in pressure point and pain reduction
  • Offers better spine alignment
  • Won’t move when your partner does
  • Bonus: they fit adjustable beds


As we mentioned above, latex is harvested from rubber plants and latex mattresses can be both affordable and durable while being a “green” option. Remember that all latex manufacturing processes are different, so make sure to research how brands produce their specific mattresses. On the plus side, they don’t require flipping and rotating and are chemical-free.  The downside is that they happen to be heavy to move and are pricier than innerspring mattresses.

Along with these common styles, there are hybrids, custom options, and highly specialized mattresses available as well. The best way to find the right one for you is to visit us in-store and test them out for yourself. Our mattress pros are here to consult with you to make sure you end up getting the best night’s sleep possible!

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