Choose a center support for your bed.

Choose a center support based on bed’s type of side rail

Choosing a center support is easy on our website. Take a look at your current side rails. What are side rails? Side rails are the wood or metal pieces that run from the headboard to the footboard. No headboard or footboard? Side rails are the rails that support the length or long side of the bed.  Are the side rails made of wood or metal?

If you have Wood Side Rails:

If the side rails are made of wood, choose from center supports designed for use with wood side rails. Make sure to choose a center support that matches the correct size of your bed, because many supports like the BedBeam are only designed for one specific size.

Wood bed rails - we offer center supports for wood bed rails.
Wood rails look something like this. They usually have a wooden lip or cleat on the side for supporting the box spring.
If you have Metal Side Rails:
center support
This is a length of angle iron. Many modern bed rails and bed frames are made of this.

Side rails made of angle iron metal (at left), require different bed supports. These  center supports make installation easy on metal bed rails. They just wedge right onto the metal side rail requiring no drilling and very little skill!





Center Supports for Platform Beds:

Because platform beds often come with little support, we also have a center support, specifically designed to work with slat beds and platform beds, the Lazarbeam, by Knickerbocker.  Available in full, queen, king, and California king sizes, use the Lazarbeam with slats for excellent support on platform beds.


Old-Fashioned Center Supports:
Metal Rails and center support - old fashioned
Old-fashioned metal bed rails – often painted to look like wood.

On beds made in the late 20th century, furniture manufacturers used a special type of metal bed rail. Metal, but painted to look like wood (see image above), these rails require a particular type of center support.  Because none of our supports with this type of bed rail, shop for the proper supports from Garrett Supports.  Those old wood-look metal bed rails become creaky over time. Consider replacing them with more modern wood bed rails and compatible center supports.  Metal side rails  replace metal wood-look rails, as well. These come with center supports, so it’s usually a less expensive option!


2 thoughts on “Choose a center support for your bed.

  1. I like that you point out that old-fashioned metal bed rails can become creaky over time. I can see why this would be important to be aware of if you have these kind of rails and suddenly hear a squeaky noise. My fiance and I are shopping for things we will need for our house, including the bed. I’ll have to point this out to her as we are out shopping.

  2. The Old Fashioned Center Supports that you mention are EXACTLY what I needed for our vintage Ethan Allen bed. I ordered the set of three supports (slats if you will) from Garrett Supports. Thanks for the link!

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