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Converting a 3/4 Bed to a Full

If you’ve found or inherited a three-quarter bed, you know that the mattress size is quite small, roughly 48 inches wide by 75 inches long. Three-quarter beds are great for smaller bedrooms and suitable for children, but finding a mattress may be difficult. Few of the major brands make special size mattress sets, so you’ll need to find a mattress manufacturer that still makes this size. Many independent manufacturers still make this size.

What if you want to convert the bed to a full size so the mattress and sheets and bedding are easier to find?

First use a full size bed frame for bolting on a headboard and a footboard. This frame is nice because it attaches both a headboard and a footboard. It also uses clamps, so you can adjust the frame to fit your box spring perfectly.

Full frame for bolting on head and footboard.

To accommodate the difference in size between the full and three-quarter bed, you’ll need two sets of mod adapt plates. Mod-adapt plates attach to the bed frame and bridge the gap between the 48 inch headboard and footboard and the 54 inch bed frame.

Mod-adapt Headboard Plates

If your 3/4 bed hooks on, you’ll need another gadget that attaches to the mod-adapt plates. It turns the whole frame into a hook-on frame. You’ll need two sets of Bed Hook Adapters.

Bed Hook Adapters

Back Pain? Try Yoga

Is it your mattress?

When you start waking up with back, neck, or shoulder pain, that’s a good time to ask, is it your mattress? Don’t listen to the mattress industry’s advice that you MUST change your mattress every 8 years, though that’s a general rule of thumb to consider. A high quality mattress may lose some of its support after 8 years of use. (Some lessor quality mattresses may lose support in one year!) If you’re still sleeping soundly and waking up feeling well-rested – no aches or pains – there is no reason to replace your mattress after 8 years or even 10 years, for that matter. On the other hand, if you develop an achy back or shoulders and wake up feeling unwell, your mattress may be to blame.

How to be sure it’s your mattress

If you start waking up with an achy back, neck, or shoulders, it could be your mattress, but how can you be sure? If your mattress is 8 years or older, it may have lost some of its support. If your mattress is still in good shape, it may be something you’re doing or not doing that’s causing your pain. I have a very comfortable, new mattress – it’s not too firm and it’s not too soft – it’s just right. Yet, in December, my lower back started hurting for no reason. I hadn’t exercised too hard or overdone it working in the yard. I though that the problem was I had been too sedentary during the holidays. I’d gone for walks and even jogged a bit, but I hadn’t really moved or stretched my whole body.

I was a little too unpracticed to go to a yoga studio so I looked for yoga videos on YouTube. I discovered Yoga With Adriene. Adriene has so many great yoga videos, and she’s really funny, too. The video that helped the most is Deep Stretch, shown below. I don’t have 45 minutes to do this video every day, but she does a sequence from 3:40 to 19:50 that I do every day (a little over 16 minutes) that has really helped my lower back. (The very best stretch is from 14:40 – 19:50). She has several month-long series of videos around 25 minutes long to get you started if you’re a beginner. Adriene makes it fun and easy to start your yoga journey.

Before shopping for a new mattress, make sure you’re moving your body to the best of your ability. Stretching your lower back, neck, and shoulders and working your core are all very important to back health, as well as your physical health in general. If you do a few weeks of yoga consistently, your mattress is over 8 years old or just not comfortable to you anymore, and you’re still waking up feeling achy and unwell, then it’s time for a new mattress.

Try the Casper and Purple Mattress at The Sleep Shop in Hudson, NC

Like many of my customers, I was curious about The Casper Mattress and the Purple Mattress. After all, who hasn’t seen those mattress ads on YouTube or heard them on podcasts? If you’ve seen the ads, then you probably believe either of the mattresses can cure whatever ails you! I cannot help wonder how much of their budget goes into advertising.

The Ordering Process

Both Casper and Purple have a simple ordering process. If you’ve ever ordered anything online, you won’t have any trouble. I didn’t have to call in for help to either mattress company, so I cannot speak about working with a customer service agent for either company. From the time I ordered to the time the Casper Mattress arrived was 3 days. Amazing. The Purple Mattress took a lot longer (9 days!), so if you are counting on guests coming soon, better go with Casper.

Casper Mattress Video

Purple Mattress Video

An Expert’s Opinion

I was selling mattresses when memory foam first came out, long before Casper Mattress, Purple Mattress, or bed in a box existed. 21 years to be exact. So what do I think? The Purple Mattress is so soft as to be unsubstantial. I would have a hard time recommending it to an overweight customer. It is likely to soften more over time as most mattresses do with use. The Casper Mattress has a more substantial feel. It is neither firm, nor soft, and it may suit many people. Having said that, Casper queen prices vary from $899 – $999, and we have several memory foam mattresses for less. Stop by our store on Highway 321 in Hudson, NC to try the Casper Mattress and the Purple Mattress before you order it online. See what we have to offer that’s comparable!

Top 8 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Serta-blue-100-gentle-firm-memory-foam-mattressChoosing a new mattress is an important decision that can affect your sleep and overall quality of life for several years. With all the available options from traditional spring mattresses to state-of-the-art memory foam, you may be wondering which type is best. Memory foam mattresses offer numerous unique benefits that you can’t find in other styles. Here are some of the top advantages to consider when deciding if a memory foam mattress is right for you.

  1. Minimal Motion Transfer

If you share a bed with a partner, you likely know the frustration of waking up every time he or she moves or gets out of bed. This can be especially difficult if you are a light sleeper. One of the most appreciated advantages of memory foam is the lack of motion transfer. Because of the construction and properties of memory foam, it doesn’t allow movements to carry through the material. 

  1. Relief From Aches and Pains

Ideally, sleeping should help your body recover from everyday soreness and aches so you wake up feeling refreshed and free from pain. Memory foam can help ensure your body rests completely by conforming to the unique contours of your sleeping position. Because of the way memory foam adjusts, it evenly spreads your weight across your whole body instead of just a few points such as your hips, heels, and shoulders. This customized cushioning helps reduce pressure points. Because there is no tension or poking from internal springs, you don’t have to worry about pain in sensitive joints or muscles.

  1. Reduction in Allergens

You may not think that your mattress can be a source of allergens, but it’s a fairly common problem. Fortunately, the density of memory foam discourages dust mites (one of the most common causes of indoor allergies). Dust mites need space to live, breed, and burrow into, and memory foam doesn’t provide that space. Since any dust mites in your mattress can’t burrow, vacuuming occasionally can help control them completely. Memory foam’s density also discourages dust, mold spores, and pet dander from settling into your mattress. You can choose a memory foam mattress with a hypoallergenic cover to further reduce the risk of indoor allergies.

  1. Proper Spinal Alignment

If you suffer from back pain, it’s essential to find a mattress that encourages the correct alignment of your spine while you sleep. If your bed doesn’t help adjust the position of your back, sleeping in a misaligned posture can actually make your back problems worse. Because every inch of memory foam can adjust to your body, it supports your spine in the lumbar area while reducing pressure on the shoulders and hips. As such, you can enjoy a restful night with reduced back pain, which improves your relaxation and helps ensure you wake up feeling your best.

  1. Easy Care Requirements

With a memory foam mattress, you don’t have to worry about difficult maintenance chores such as flipping it over every few months. You may want to rotate your mattress on your bed and vacuum it every so often, but these tasks don’t require much time or energy to complete.

  1. Accommodation for All Sleeping Positions

Whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper, you can be completely comfortable on a memory foam mattress. If you tend to sleep in several positions overnight, memory foam can constantly adjust to each movement, reducing the chance you will be restless or wake up when you change to a new sleeping position. 

  1. Excellent Performance in Adjustable Beds

Beds that adjust to different positions and configurations are becoming more popular outside hospitals and care facilities. Many of these beds can adjust the height of the head, the foot, or both to improve circulation, reduce pressure points, and make it easier to get in and out of bed. Because memory foam curves and conforms easily without losing its structural integrity, it’s an ideal material for adjustable beds.

  1. Long Lifespan and Durability

While all mattresses will eventually wear out and need to be replaced, most memory foam styles last at least a decade. Additionally, this type of mattress can retain its original shape and contouring properties throughout its entire lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about sagging or soft spots.

With their ability to improve sleeping posture, reduce aches and pains, and improve the overall quality of sleep, memory foam mattresses are becoming more popular every year. Upgrading to a mattress of this type gives you all the benefits of reduced indoor allergies and deeper sleep without interruption from your partner’s movements. Additionally, you can feel confident a new memory foam mattress is a solid investment that will perform well for years to come.

If you’re looking for a new mattress for your bed, come by our store and check out our selection of memory foam mattresses.  Our helpful knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have.

The Sleep Shop celebrates 40 years

The Sleep Shop Turns 40 and Fabulous!

Picture this: It’s the year 1977. The average price of a new home was $50,000, Apple Computer became a real company, and The Sleep Shop opened its doors. At the time, mattresses were considered appliances and came in three flavors: firm, firmer, and firmest. In addition to mattresses, our first showroom in Lenoir sold wood-burning stoves — which cost about $150 back then.

Fast forward to the mid-1980’s and along with Madonna and neon sweat suits, the waterbed craze was sweeping the nation. This is also around the time when my father, Bill Howell, became part-owner of The Sleep Shop. They opened stores that serviced the surrounding Caldwell, Catawba, Burke, and Wilkes counties. Dad tells a great story about one holiday season when the team delivered 20 waterbeds, and all before Christmas! (We checked our records — none of them went to the North Pole.)

Just like neon sweat suits, the waterbed craze died out in the early 1990’s and business dried up (no pun intended) so my dad decided to close 2 stores in Burke and Wilkes county that were no longer needed. Bill’s business partner decided to move on while my dad stayed on at the store and expanded our product lines beyond waterbeds to focus on traditional innerspring mattresses and bedding.

In 1997 our family opened the current location here on Hickory Boulevard, and in 1999 I joined the staff to help.  Our website launched the following year in 2000. It was originally built to help share more information about The Sleep Shop with local customers. Soon we began getting more and more calls about how customers were finding our specialty and niche items like converter rails, heavy duty bed frames, and bed rails on a new-fangled search engine called “Google”. In fact, we were one of the first businesses to sell these items online to customers across the country.

Today, we surely have a ton of competition from the Big Name Stores, but we stand head and shoulders above them because of our commitment to customer service — both in-store and online. It certainly doesn’t hurt that we carry brands like Serta, iComfort, Kingsdown, Jamison, and Parkplace. Our inventory has grown over the years, and along with traditional mattresses, we also carry luxury adjustable bed bases, and pillowtop and memory foam options.  It doesn’t stop there, though! We offer all of the bedding and accessories you’ll ever need to dress your nest and get some serious ZZZs.

While trends may come and go (we’re talkin’ to you, Madonna), some things have remained the same: We still take pride in offering our customers a great experience — and a great night’s sleep!

Three of the Most Common Problems That Affect Sleep

Unfortunately, about 40% of Americans don’t get the necessary 8.5 hours of sleep, which can result in such problems as faulty memories, lack of attention, and even increased risk of contracting certain diseases. Sleep problems have become so problematic that they now cost the nation about $15.9 billion in health care.

While some of these people can’t get enough sleep because of certain habits and schedules, many people aren’t getting the necessary amounts of sleep because of certain physical ailments.

Luckily, there are several sleep accessories that can help. Here are a few of the most common, physical problems, and the things that can help people overcome them.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the more serious sleep disorders, and causes people to stop breathing when they sleep. Common symptoms of sleep apnea are a loud snore, and daytime tiredness. If you suspect you have sleep apnea, talk to your doctor about which sleep accessories may work best for you. Some people might not need to be too concerned just yet, but others may have to start using certain wearable sleep accessories like a mask.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common, gastroesophageal ailment that causes a person’s stomach acid to flow back into their esophagus. Naturally, this backwash is quite painful and bothersome, and can often interrupt a person’s sleep. Luckily, there are a couple sleep accessories that can help. An acid reflux wedge is a wedge shaped pillow that can prop a person up when they sleep, so that gravity can help keep a person’s stomach acid in their stomach. Deluxe bed risers also use the same principle. They’re put underneath standard bed frame feet, which then put the whole bed on an incline.

Restless Leg Syndrome

People who have restless leg syndrome feel an unpleasant sensation in their legs when they go to lie down, which prompts them to move their legs around to make them feel better. This movement then makes it difficult for a person to fall asleep. Thankfully, there are several ways to deal with restless leg syndrome. Afflicted sleepers can try exercise, medications, vitamins, or even sleep accessories like a warm compress.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you may want to talk to your doctor to figure out what problem you may be having. Only then can you figure out which sleep accessories will be able to help you at night.

If you have any questions about sleep accessories, feel free to ask in the comments.

How-to: Display Headboard and Footboard for sale

We have a set of “Retail Display Rails” for sale on our website. Sometimes when people call in about them they think they’re about to purchase an entire bed rail.  When I tell them what they’re actually about to buy there’s always a small sigh of disappointment because they were so excited to find an entire bed rail set for so cheap. I always want to warn them that they should NEVER buy a bed frame that only costs $29.oo but, I don’t. It always seems to be almost rude. Anyways, even though they aren’t an entire bed frame they are pretty awesome.

They’re 12 inch rails that you use to connect a headboard and footboard together to display it for sale. They are available in hook on or bolt on style. Maybe you have an antique shop or thrift shop and want to showcase the lovely new set you got in?  Or maybe you own a store with a variety of products? It’s very aesthetically pleasing to set up a head board and foot board that’s for sell and then drape a quilt over it that’s also for sell.

We’ve filmed a video of a head board and foot board we have on our showroom floor connected with the Retail Display Rails so that you can see what it looks like all together.

How to turn two twins into a king

“How to turn two twins into a king” is a phrase very often searched.  Is it as easy as sliding the two mattresses together and calling it a day?  Not quite.  I guess you could do that but I think once you’re wedged in the crack of the bed at 3 am you’ll realize why it’s not the best idea.  Now, even though it’s not that easy  it’s not hard either.  All you need is a Easy King, formerly called the Create a King. What is a Easy King you ask? It’s just the handiest little thing since Replacement Bed Frame Feet. It’s a tool used to connect your two twin mattresses and make them a king. It comes with a long sheep skin connector and a band with buckles on the end.

Create a King