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Time to Replace my Mattress?

In this industry there seems to always be a push to replace your mattress in a certain number of years. There’s a big box company out there with a rather annoying jingle about how you should “replace after eight”. While I agree that mattress companies overshoot their warranties by long shots, take the “replace after eight” jingle with a grain of salt too. Now, with that being said here’s the question to ask yourself that may help your decision become easier.

Is it still comfortable?

If the answer is no, you should probably replace it.  If the answer is yes, then you don’t really need too.

comfortable mattress

 A few things factor into the comfort life of a mattress. For one, the quality of the materials within the mattress.  Some brands use cheaper foams, thinner springs…etc. If you aren’t using a box spring or a properly supporting platform bed it will probably shave off some comfort life. Not only should you have a boxspring but it’s highly suggested to have a matching boxspring to that particular mattress.  (It’s always very import to have proper support of a mattress through box springs and bed frame supports) The weight of the person sleeping on the mattress is also a big factor.  The heavier the weight on the mattress is, the faster the mattress will wear out.  The amount of time spent and bed and the motion during the night play a role in durability too.

          Aside from durability our bodies change over time as well. We may outgrow a mattress far before the typically recommended 5-10 year mark. Depending on pain, weigh gain or loss, and several other factors you may need something a little more supportive or a little softer.

           So in short, although the recommend time frame is anywhere between 5-10 years, comfort trumps all. And, for the next time you go shopping check our guide to make sure you find one you love!

Center Support Importance Has Grown

Center Support Importance Has Grown

I’ve been in the retail mattress industry for over 17 years, and when I first started, not much thought was given to center support of bed frames. Today, center support importance has grown. Our bedding suppliers suggest that twin and full sizes benefit from having center support. I am always amazed that there are people out there that don’t understand how important proper center support is for bedding. What’s worse than that is knowing that there are thousands of mattress stores selling mattresses to people without even bothering to educate them!

Even hoteliers don’t know about center supports!

A very nice man called in today to order 54 BL-1’s, one of our rather popular center supports. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited to sell that many. That’s what makes a business a business, but I couldn’t help wonder why the man was ordering so many supports. He runs a small hotel and every couple of years, he noticed all of his queen and full beds begin to sag. This was the second time he had to replace the mattresses. He called the bedding supplier to his hotel to see if they could help. The hotel owner was told he needed a center support on each bed. He was wasting thousands on thousands of dollars on mattresses when all he needed was a simple center support.

Center Support importance
The BL-1 Support – Works for full and queen size

Why are center supports so important?

The fact is though, most people have no idea how important they are.  Allow me to break it down for you.  When you don’t have a proper center support all of the weight from the box spring, mattress, bedding materials and people sleep on the bed are supported by the very edge of a metal frame. Today’s bedding is heavier than bedding from the past. Naturally, all the materials will settle toward the middle and result in TERRIBLE sagging.  This is very unsightly, very uncomfortable and it ruins your mattress!

You also need a center support to keep the mattress warranty valid.  No manufacturer is going to replace an entire mattress when the problem could have been prevented.

There are several different supports available. Some center supports for wood rails and some center supports for metal rails.

To protect your mattress investment check tonight to see that you have a proper center support, meaning there is a rigid bar in the center going horizontal with at least one leg to the floor. Depending on the weight you’re putting on it, it’s a good idea to have a couple more as well.

I slept so well on the mattress on that hotel mattress

Frequently, a customer’s night in a hotel will trigger a visit to our store. “I slept so well on on that hotel mattress,” my customer exclaims. Perhaps she stayed at the Westin, the Hilton, or the Marriott. “I loved it so much that I pulled the covers off the mattress and looked at the label! I want a bed JUST like that one!”

hotel mattress
I Loved That Hotel Mattress!

Why might you sleep so well on a hotel mattress?

  • Unlike your mattress at home, the hotel mattress was probably NOT worn out. It was probably relatively new, so it offered nice support for your body.
  • Though you may think that nice hotels have the most expensive mattresses for their guests, this is not usually the case. Most hotels order mattresses in bulk directly from mattress manufacturers, and while the specifications for these mattresses are adequate, the mattresses in hotels are rarely top-of-the-line in quality.
  • Don’t underestimate the effect of high quality bed sheets on your overall impression of the bed. The luxury of the mattress pad or topper, layered with crisp white bed sheets, nestled neatly under a fresh down comforter with a clean cotton duvet cover all add to the overall comfort of the mattress.

What’s the takeaway?

If your mattress is worn out, and you are not sleeping well, you need a new one. But don’t order it directly from the hotel. If you order the mattress set directly from the hotel, you will pay double what you would pay for a mattress with the same specs in a typical sleep shop. Also, “Good Sleep” is the product of many factors. Of course, having a supportive, comfortable mattress is one of the most important factors. But other factors may be just as important: a darkened room, a comfortable room in terms of temperature, a lack of noise or the addition of white noise, and soft bed sheets that fit properly. So at the hotel, was it really the mattress, or was it the atmosphere and “mattress toppings” that helped you sleep better than you normally do?