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Knickerbocker Eventide Bed Frame

When I first saw this Eventide frame I just wasn’t sure what to think of it.  It was a box of metal and plastic brown parts with what looked like giant cocoa puffs sitting in the mix.

The Eventide Bed FrameMy co-worker and I were given an assignment to put it together and see what we think of it and decide if we want to keep selling it. The entire staff ended up pitching in and we had a blast.

Now, I already know your first question. Is it worth the $239 we sell it for on our website? Yes! And most websites, especially big box stores, are charging up to $200 more.

My Thoughts on the Eventide Bed Frame by Knickerbocker

So, here’s an honest review of Knickerbocker’s Eventide bed frame:

Here’s why:  It has an extremely modern, aesthetically pleasing appearance.  To me personally the legs do sort of look like giant cocoa puffs, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Trust me when I say it’s a great conversation piece. This is what the wheel looks like:

Eventide Wheel
Eventide Wheel

The positive features of the bed frame

It fits all sizes! You can put it in a guest bed where bed sizing may change from time to time, or buy it for your son/daughter and adjust it as they grow.

It’s sturdy! It’s great for heavier weight limits, up to 2000 lbs!

No sharp edges. When you add the polyurethane encasement to each side of the frame, there are no sharp edges on this frame, making it a safe choice for diabetics.

It’s so easy to move! This is great for people who re-arrange a lot or people who like to get under the bed area for cleaning. In our store, we were able to move the entire frame with a mattress set (and one of co-workers) with a simple glide. (This might be considered a negative feature for some, see below.

Things you might not like about the Eventide Bed Frame

Since this is an honest review here are the cons: It was a little difficult to snap the plastic encasement on to the frame. We all gave it a good go, struggled quite a few minutes and then finally one of our male co-workers snapped it on.  It takes a pretty firm hand.

It would be kind of difficult to put together completely on your own.  I’m not by any means saying it’s impossible, but you may get frustrated and walk away a few times.

It’s very easy to slide! This is great for the movers and cleaners, but for a child or the elderly it may not be a perfect option.

I hope this review helps you make a decision! If you’re looking for an even more sturdy and easy to assemble frame try the Embrace! It’s amazing!! If I’m honest, I like it a little better but the Eventide is still awesome!

What’s so great about the Deluxe Instamatic Bed Frame?

The Deluxe Instamatic bed frame from Leggett and Platt/Fashion Bed Group is one of the the best bed frames on the market today. What makes this bed frame so great?

The Instamatic Bed Frame has “Wedge Lock” construction

instamatic bed frame
Wedge Lock Construction

When you put this bed frame together, you lock each side together using the wedge design. As you use your bed frame and apply more weight to it, the bed frame actually gets stronger, because the wedges lock more firmly together.

The Instamatic frame is easty to assemble

The wedge-lock construction makes this a simple bed frame to put together. Snap the wedges together at the four corners and you’re done. For queen, king and California king sizes, add the center supports.

It is available in many sizes

Available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king. Also available with sturdy risers that that allow that you to raise the bed up to 10″ tall. We also carry this bed frame in extended length for those who want complete support for their beds. We offer extended length twin XL, extended length queen, extended length king, and extended length California king Instamatic bed frames. The Instamatic extended length series offers 75″ side rails, versus the standard 70″ or 71″ side rails that are available on most bed frames. Optionally, add the G10 risers for extra inches of underbed storage.