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Dreamfit Sheets Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out DreamFit sheets. Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “This is not an honest review. That company sent her something so that she would write this review.”  While that type of thing does go on all the time, this is actually a 100% honest review. We’ve sold these sheets for years at our store and I’ve just never brought any home. Until now. And, oh, how my life has changed.

I tried the microfiber sheets first, they were pretty awesome but they didn’t make me loyal to the DreamFit brand. Then, I tried the Degree 4 cotton sheets. I can’t even believe what I was missing. So, on to the review:

Microfiber Sheets

If you’ve ever tried microfiber before I can almost guarantee these aren’t what you’re thinking. I purchased a set of microfiber sheets from Wal-Mart and felt like a DJ in my bed all night. Every time I would move it sounded like scratches on a turntable.

The DreamFit microfiber sheets were very silky and soft.  And obviously the band on the bottom of the sheet was a true dream come true. No more snapping and popping and fighting and fussing with my bottom sheet! I could hear the hallelujah chorus in the background. Here’s a picture of those heaven sent bands.

dreamfit sheets
Dreamfit sheets

Like I said, those alone didn’t make me a loyal fan. They pilled a little where your feet go and they sleep very hot. These are not, I repeat not, summer sheets.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

However, the Egyptian cotton ones changed my life. I actually have not one bad thing to say about them.  The only thing I can think of is this: If you have a very thin mattress you’ll have a bit of excess sheet.  These are made for thicker beds and so that they wont pop off.  If you have a thin mattress and like a tight fitting sheet, these aren’t so good for that.  That being said these are the most luxurious, softest, lovely sheet I’ve ever had the pleasure of sleeping in. They don’t pill WHATSOEVER.  The Egyptian cotton sheets come in and 4 degree. They come in multiple colors and also these sheets are made in America! (However, the cotton is imported as the name “Egyptian cotton” would imply.)

cotton sheet set
Egyptian Cotton Sheets by Dreamfit



Want the Best Bed Sheets?

If you want the best quality sleep, then you also want the best bed sheets. High quality bed sheets contribute to the overall quality of your sleep. When customers get a brand new mattress, they’ll often upgrade their pillows and their bed sheets. Even a cheap mattress set can feel better if you have good quality sheets and pillows!

I know a good bit about bed sheets. And I know about bad ones. Last year, I ordered a sample set of sheets that were supposed to be 600 thread count. My cost as a dealer for those was around $35 for a king set. I thought that it would be great to be able to sell a high thread count bed sheet set that was really affordable (cheap). I took my sample set of sheets home and washed them. I knew right away that these were not the best bed sheets! (The cost should have tipped me off, but I ordered the sample based on the advice of a trusted sales rep.) The so-called luxury bed sheets were very course and developed pills after the first night. Of course, I never purchased those sheets for my store. I would be ashamed to sell sheets like that to my customers. We have tested every set of bed sheets that we sell. The best bed sheets we carry are our Degree 4 Egyptian Cotton Sheets from Dreamfit. Soft, long-lasting, and beautiful the Dreamfit Degree 4 are our best selling sheet set. Our customer come back year after year to get more.

best bed sheets
Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Different Types of Cotton Sheets

What are the different types of Cotton Sheets?

Owing to climate and geography, certain regions of the world
produce better or more desirable cotton for sheet fabric.
Following is a brief description of some of the different types of
cotton used for making cotton sheets:

  1. The Nile Valley produces nearly the same breed of cotton as the US. Generally
    regarded as the finest cotton fiber, this cotton is called Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian cotton fibers are long, soft, thick, and are used to weave very high quality fabrics. Our Dreamfit Degree 4 Sheets are made from fine Egyptian Cotton. Dreamfit Degree 4 cotton sheets have a buttery soft feel that is super luxurious.
  2. Pima cotton is a variety of cotton developed in the southwest US. Pima is an extra-long-staple cotton that was developed from Egyptian cotton. Pima cotton, rivaling the quality of Egyptian Cotton, is often used to make high quality cotton sheets. We offer Dreamfit Degree 3 Pima Sheets in a beautiful array of colors. Pima fabrics
    Sateen Cotton Sheets
    Degree 3 by Dreamfit – Sateen Cotton Sheets

    are great for high quality sheets and they get softer with each washing.

Bed Sheets: Thread Count

The thread count of a fabric is determined by the number of threads along one inch. The thread count of the fabric determines its density and generally gives you a good idea of its quality and softness to the touch. Usually, the higher the thread count, the better the fabric. However, there are other factors such as the fabric’s content that also impact the softness of the fabric. Some bed sheets are made of a blend of cotton and polyester that may make the fabric courser and less soft than a 100% cotton sheet. Also, even in 100% cotton sheets, it is important to look at the type of cotton the sheets are made of. Some 100% cotton sheets are made from less desirable species of cotton than others. More on this in another post. . .

Caution High Thread Count Alert:

Shopping for bed sheets can be tricky, because sometimes cut-rate linen manufacturers exaggerate the thread counts of their products. One way to do this is to twist gossamer thin threads around a central thread to overstate it. Be wary if you find an inexpensive set of sheets that claim to be 1000 thread count. If sheets truly are made of good quality 1000 thread count fabric, the price will not be cheap.

Take a look at my post about a sample set of 600 thread count sheets I tried out.