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DreamFit Sheets

Mattress innovation has come a long way in the past few years — but bed sheet innovation? Not so much. Traditional sheets no longer work for today’s oversized, specialized mattresses. How often do you wrestle with your sheets while making the bed? Or wake up in the middle of the night, fighting to get the sheets over the corner of your mattress? If this is a familiar scenario, it might be time to consider DreamFit™ sheet sets.

Just as the brand name suggests, DreamFit™ sheets were designed with today’s mattresses in mind. Not only are they engineered to be easy to put on your bed, the sheets will stay put throughout the night — even for the wildest midnight thrashers. These are definitely not your mama’s white cotton sheets!

The patented design was engineered simply, to solve a problem that most of us face at one point or another. DreamFit™ sheets are guaranteed to fit and stay on your mattress, regardless of the size, thickness, or flexibility (adjustability) of your bed. Featuring super-strong elastic straps, the fitted sheet is oversized and deep, which makes it a breeze to put on your mattress — regardless of whether it’s foam, pillow-topped, oversized, or even adjustable.

We offer 3 different “degrees” of DreamFit™ sheet sets, depending on your sleep style and preferences:

  • Degree 1: Made of 100% brushed microfiber, this wrinkle- and shrink-resistant option is great for guest rooms or kids
  • Degree 3: Choose this 100% Pima cotton set if you’re looking for the right balance between comfort and luxury
  • Degree 4: 100% Egyptian cotton makes this set not only soft and dreamy, but also durable for years to come

With proper care, your DreamFit™ sheet sets can last up to 200-300 washings! Don’t use hot water, avoid bleach, tumble dry low, and rotate your fitted sheet from the head of the bed to the foot each time you change or wash your sheets. A pill resistant finish reduces pilling and fuzzing, and the result? You can’t wash the look, fit or feel out of DreamFit™ sheets!

Ready to stop wrestling with your sheets? Shop our selection of degrees and colors of DreamFit™ sheet sets on our website — and end the sheet struggle!

Picking the Perfect Pillows

Buying a great mattress is a big step, but it doesn’t really help your sleep much if you don’t find the right pillows to go along with it. Those “economy” packs at the big box stores are perfect — for decoration! Just as you would spend time researching the right mattress, you need to do the same with new pillows.

How High is Too High?

Let’s first talk about loft: Loft is how high the pillow is when it sits on the bed. Remember that some materials may lose their loft naturally over time. It’s always a smart idea to test a pillow in-store for a good 10 minutes.

The position in which you normally sleep will determine what loft pillow is best for you.

  • Back sleepers need medium loft that supports the natural curve of the spine
  • Stomach sleepers need a low, flat loft
  • Side sleepers need a higher loft that keeps their spine horizontal

It’s What’s Inside that Really Counts

Yes, that’s not just something people say. There are so many innovative new pillows out there, it’s hard to keep up.  Also, if you have a medical condition, that may determine what filler is best for you.  Do you have asthma or allergies? What about chronic pain or injury? Depending on your answer, you may need to eliminate some pillows from your search, but here’s a good place to start:

  • Down: Made from the plumage of geese, down pillows are breathable and can last up to 10 years. Those with allergies can look into purchasing synthetic versions.
  • Wool or cotton: These natural fiber-based pillows are a great hypoallergenic option, but stomach sleepers beware because they tend to be very firm.
  • Latex: Resilient and elastic latex pillows are mold-resistant, cooler than memory foam, and can conform to your head. They do tend to be a little pricey.
  • Memory Foam: Choose this option if you have jaw pain or shoulder problems, or you need a little extra support. For “warm” sleepers, foam may not be ideal.
  • Polyester: This choice is the most cost-effective, and it holds its shape while offering support, but it’s also less durable than the other fillers.

Even if your body is supported by the right mattress, choosing the wrong pillow could cause pain, stiffness, and sleeplessness. Take into account any special sleep needs you have, like an apnea machine or allergies that may require a special pillow cover.

As you shop in-store, keep the above tips in mind as you test your different options.

How to Clean Yellow Pillows and Keep Them Fresh

Over the summer one of my customers mentioned that she washed her old yellow pillows by using a mixture of household detergents. She was thrilled because she was able to whiten her old pillows, freshen them, and she did not have to buy new ones for her guest rooms. yellow pillows

Are All Pillows Washable?

Make sure to check the label.  You can wash most synthetic pillows and even down-filled pillows. My pillows said, “Do Not Wash, Spot Clean Only.” But I did it anyway, because they were filled with a synthetic fiber meant to mimic down feathers. If your pillow has memory foam or latex foam inside – DO NOT WASH IT. Sometimes, the memory foam or latex part of the pillow is removable, and you can wash the outer cover only.

How to Clean Yellow Pillows

When the mood hit me to rescue my own beloved, old, yellow, fiber-filled pillows (with just the right amount of fluff!), I forgot what detergents to mix to get my pillows back to their formerly white glory. I found the mixture on this website, and here it is:

  • 1 cup powdered laundry detergent (I used Gain – lavender)
  • 1 cup powdered dish detergent (I used a store brand)
  • 1 cup bleach or bleach alternative (I used Clorox bleach pods)
  • 1/2 cup borax

Depending on how many pillows, you need a pretty large washing machine. I did this in my old Kenmore washing machine. (You could also use a bathtub and pour in boiled hot water in a pinch.)

  1. In your washing machine, turn on the HOT water and let the whole tub fill up.
  2. As the HOT water is filling up, start pouring in the detergents, Clorox, and borax.
  3. Before the agitator starts, mix all the ingredients up with a clothes hanger (that’s what I used).
  4. When the washer is completely filled with water, turn it off or pause.
  5. Stuff your pillows in the washer. This is pretty tough to do, because they’re filled with air. I stuffed three queen size pillows in there at once.
  6. Let them soak in that cleansing stew for at least 30 minutes.
  7. After 15 minutes, flip the pillows over to make sure all sides are getting thoroughly cleaned.
  8. Let the washing machine complete its washing cycle. (Since my washing machine is old, I ran the spin cycle two times to spin more water out.)
  9. Let your pillows dry in the sunshine, or if you’re like me, throw them in the dryer with a dryer sheet.

I am sharing this because I could not believe how clean the pillows came. They looked brand new and smelled so fresh and clean! I wouldn’t try to save a really cheap pillow, but these are some of my favorites.

Since this concoction worked so well on yellow pillows, I thought it might work on my husband’s yellowed tee shirts (you know the underarm part that always gets those yellow stains) and my 10-year-old’s discolored socks. I followed the same procedure, and this DOES NOT WORK on tee shirts or little boy’s dingy socks, I am sad to report.

How to Keep Pillows Fresh

The best way to keep revived pillows looking brand new is to use a pillow protector.  A pillow protector works the same way a mattress protector works; it protects the pillow from the nightly oils and sweat we humans naturally excrete while we sleep each night. I know, yuck.

Practicing Hygge Danish Lifestyle

I first heard the term hygge on On Point with Tom Ashbrook on NPR. Pronounced HOO-gah, it’s a Danish lifestyle popularized here in America and around the world in recent months. The word hygge is translated to cozy in English, and practicing hygge Danish lifestyle offers a cozy, comfortable path to happiness. In the cold, dark months of winter, create a home with the elements of hygge to bolster your mood. Take the advice of Meik Wiking, who literally wrote the book on hygge living, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, to create the perfect hygge-licious bedroom!

1. Hygge is all about atmosphere.

The most important feature of a cozy Danish home is flickering light: candlelight and firelight feature prominently. Turn off the overhead lights. Overhead lights are especially bad for setting the mood for sleep. Definitely turn them off in the evenings to prepare for restfulness. The Danish often have many candles lit at once. If you don’t have a fireplace, opt for a video featuring a flickering fire. The crackling noises often add a nice touch as well!

2. Practicing hygge Danish lifestyle by turning off cell phones

The Danish use their cozy homes for entertaining cherished guests and visiting. Rarely do they sit and stare at their cell phones while in the company of friends and family. Turn cell phones and tablet screens off to focus on the here and now. Because cell phones and tablets disrupt sleep, turn them off in the bedroom.

practicing hygge danish lifestyle mattress topper

3. Add hygge comfort with cozy blankets, toppers, pillows

Because practicing Danish hygge lifestyle is all about comfort, shift into lounge wear, a favorite sweatshirt, knit socks, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Fit your bedroom with all things cozy: a soft mattress topper, luxurious cotton sheets, fluffy pillows, warm blankets. Because self care and care of your loved ones is all part of making life hyggelig (hygge-like), consider adding some of these principles to your life!

Sleep hyggelig, my friends.

Three Mattress Care Tips You Need to Know

mattress care tipsGood sleep habits are increasingly recognized as a public health concern. Not having enough sleep is linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors. Adults need about eight to eight and a half hours of sleep a night. Yet 59% of Americans get seven or more hours, while 40% get less than seven hours according to a Gallup poll.

Most people don’t realize that the very thing that’s supposed to help them get some sleep is what often keeps them awake. If a mattress isn’t taken care of and looked after, it can quickly become uncomfortable, and decrease the quality of the person’s sleep. Here are three mattress care tips you need to know to help you get the most out of your mattress.

Rotate and/or Flip Your Mattress Every So Often.

Sleeping eight hours a night on a mattress racks up 3,000 hours of wear and tear in just a year. If you don’t flip or rotate your mattress, that’ll all be spent on one side. Your mattress wears down more quickly than necessary. Don’t let one side of the bed remain in pristine condition while the other gets worn out. We suggest rotating the mattress every other week, so that you sleep on the other side.  If you have a mattress that flips, flip your mattress either once a month, or every other month, to further spread out the wear and tear.

Get a Proper Bed Frame or Center Support.

Mattress shops stock many items available to make your night more restful. Of all the bedding products available, though, the bed frame and center support are the most important. If your bed is a full size or larger, you need at least one post touching the floor in the center. Without center support, all of the weight deflects into the middle. The mattress sags uncomfortably in the center.

Always Use a Waterproof Mattress Protector.

One of the most important mattress care tips we share at our store is always use a high quality mattress protector. Mattresses tend to collect a lot of moisture and humidity. Moisture breaks down the foams and comfort materials in bedding. A waterproof mattress protector keeps moisture away from your mattress, so your mattress stays comfortable longer.


Four Great Products Could Help You Get Some Sleep

Sleep just doesn’t come quite as easy for some people. About 60 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep disorders, which add about $15.9 billion to national health care costs. In fact, sleep is increasingly being recognized as a vital part of public health, as sleep insufficiency has been linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors.

Luckily, the weary aren’t helpless. There are tons of different sleep accessories that can help them get some sleep, many of which they didn’t even know could help, or even existed! Here are just some of them.

The Other Side of the Pillow.

When some people wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep, they like to flip their pillow over and crash on the cooler side. Though to some it might seem like a weird thing to do, an American study actually showed that a drop in temperature causes the brain to release chemicals that help the person get to sleep.

Low Profile Bed Frames.

Low profile bed frames are similar to standard bed frames, but much lower down. With all the thick, thick bedding there is today, it can feel like you need a stool to get in your own bed. Normal bed frames rise about seven to eight inches off the floor, but low profile bed frames are only four or five inches off, allowing you to get into bed much easier. These low profile bed frames are built to lower the bed while fully supporting the mattress and box spring. If you find yourself struggling to get into bed, definitely consider looking into low profile bed frames.

Box Springs Help You Get Some Sleep.

Believe it or not, your box spring is pretty important. One might even say it’s as important as a good mattress. You see, box springs act like shock absorbers. They take a lot of the wear and tear that comes from your sleeping on the mattress, while also supporting you and making you more comfortable. If your box spring is noisy, this can wreck a good night. Get some sleep by replacing an old worn our box spring or foundation.

Cookies and Milk.

Last but far from least, cookies and milk are a great bedtime snack. Milk’s tryptophan will help you feel sleepy, and the carbs in the cookies will get it where it needs to go in the brain. If you’re not a big fan of cookies, you can choose another carb. Just make sure it’s low in fat.

Cool pillows, low profile bed frames, box springs, and snacks are all great products you can use to get some sleep. While you might already have many of these, you can get additional bedding accessories online. If you have any questions about any of these products, like low profile bed frames, feel free to ask in the comments.

Three Ways to Beat Allergies and Sleep Better

allergiesIf you have allergies, then chances are you’re well aware that pollen, dust, and mold will keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. In one study reported by WebMD, only 17% of people with allergies would rate the quality of their sleep as optimal. About half of respondents said that their allergies make it hard for them to fall asleep.

As an adult, it is best to get about eight hours of sleep a night. If your allergies are making your sleep hygiene poor, chances are you’re getting far less than that. This in turn can cause a myriad of health problems, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

It’s time to take back your 40 winks from your allergies. Here are a few tips to beat allergies and sleep better!

Wash out your nasal passages with saline spray

When allergens get in your nose, they tend to get stuck there, and then cause inflammation. Fortunately, you can use a saline solution in a squirt bottle to wash your nasal passages out before bed, thus allowing you to go to sleep with no allergies.

Find bedding accessories online that can help, like allergy proof mattress covers

Online, you can find tons of anti-allergy bedding products and sleep accessories that can help you overcome your allergies and get a better night’s sleep — allergy proof mattress covers and encasements are the best. Today’s high quality mattress encasements are fully lined with soft plastic. They come with a zipper to effectively lock any dust mites and other allergens in, keeping them from coming and going. In one study of allergy proof mattress covers, children with asthma were able to cut their medicine in half when they started using them on their beds.

Stop using over the counter decongestants

Most over-the-counter decongestants cause insomnia, believe it or not. To get a better night sleep, find allergy medicines that induce drowsiness instead.

For those with allergies, consider using saline nasal sprays, getting allergy proof mattress covers, and ditching over the counter decongestants so that you can reclaim your 40 winks.

If you have any questions about solutions or products such as allergy proof mattress covers, feel free to ask in the comments.

Three Sleep Accessories To Consider Purchasing

Did you know that the average adult should get between eight and eight and a half hours of sleep every night? Yet, a 2013 Gallup poll found that 65% of U.S. adults are get seven hours of sleep or less.

Now this sleep deficiency is recognized as a serious public health concern. Lack of sleep is linked to car crashes, work errors, and even industrial disasters. American’s sleep problems are so bad that they’ve added about $15.9 billion to national health care costs.

If you’re not getting a proper amount of sleep, don’t worry.  Here are a few sleep accessories available today that can help you get more restful sleep:

Wedge Pillows

sleep accessories

Wedge pillows go underneath a person’s back to help them sleep on an incline. When in an inclined position, as opposed to flat on the back or stomach, gravity can help open up airways or relieve some symptoms of heart burn. If you’re propping yourself up with an extra pillow to get more comfortable, consider using one of these sleep affordable accessories.

Hypoallergenic Sleep Accessories

According to the Sleep Foundation, allergic rhinitis happens when a person breathes in allergens, like dust, pollen, or molds, which cause nasal congestion, watery eyes, or sneezing. These naturally hamper a person’s quality of sleep. Luckily, there are hypoallergenic bedding accessories online that can help a person sleep without getting bothered. We recommend mattress encasements that keep allergens out of your mattress.

Sleep Sound Machines

Though many people underestimate the usefulness of noise-generating sleep accessories, nighttime sound machines are very helpful. First of all, they create soothing noises to help “wind down for the day”, putting a person into a more relaxed state. Finally, these sleep accessories can block out distracting noises, like the bark of a neighbor’s dog.

If you have trouble sleeping, consider some of these sleep accessories to help. Acid reflux wedges, allergy bedding products, and sleep sound machines allow you to get a better night’s sleep.

How To Clean Urine Off Of A Mattress

To Clean Urine Off Of A Mattress:

  1. Use a dry towel to blot the remaining moisture. Do not rub, just pat the area until you have removed the excess liquid.
  2. Sprinkle baking powder on the area to soak up the rest of the moisture.
  3. One website recommends using Percil Bio washing detergent or you can mix one part vinegar to one part warm water to make a cleaning solution. Put the solution in a spray bottle, and spray on the affected area of your mattress. Let the detergent or vinegar solution sit for 5 minutes.
  4. Gently blot the area using a clean towel. Then using a dry towel remove any excess moisture. Do not rub. Rubbing the area will only cause the smell and urine to go further into the comfort materials of your mattress.
  5. Sprinkle again with baking soda.
  6. Allow the mattress to dry thoroughly, overnight, if possible.
  7. After the area is completely dry, vacuum the baking soda.

Now that you’ve cleaned the mattress, your next goal is prevention

The most Googled mattress question is “How to clean urine off of a mattress”. It is a common problem, but a very preventable one! That’s why we have mattress protectors. Some people worry that a waterproof mattress protector will make a crinkling noise or change the feel of their mattress. Not so with the Serta Sleep To Go Mattress Protector. It’s very light and soft and it DOES NOT CRINKLE. It’s amazing. There is also a mattress encasement made from the same materials if bed bugs or even allergies are a concern. A mattress protector is not only recommended to stop urine from making contact with a mattress, but to keep the mattress warranty valid, it is required. Mattress warranties require there be no stains on a mattress if there is an issue. When you purchase a protector you’ll be safe from sweat, urine, blood and anything else that may ruin a mattress. Here’s a link to a video review of the Serta Sleep To Go mattress protector.