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Why Do People Sleep Under Blankets in the Summer?

At night, which camp are you in – blanket or no blanket? Have you ever wondered why so many people sleep with a blanket, even during the hottest nights of summer? Well, the answers may surprise you.

Let’s start with the science. So many people say they can’t fall asleep without a blanket. If you’re one of those people, you’re definitely not alone. One reason could be psychological, especially if you were used to being put to bed as a child tucked neatly into bed. It’s as if we’re conditioned to want blankets – even babies have a thing for them.

The simple biological fact is that your body actually needs a little more warmth at night. Your core temperature drops around bedtime and that’s when melatonin levels increase. This is your body telling you that it’s time to hit the hay. Once you’re asleep and you hit your deepest REM cycles, your body can’t warm itself up again. Overnight temperatures are actually coldest right after the dawn, and our bodies are conditioned to know that we’ll need some warmth later.

Blankets are, in fact, a newer trend among humans. Long before there were 1200-thread count sheets and luxury down-filled comforters, there were barnyard animals. Centuries ago, it was incredibly expensive and difficult to weave the equivalent of something like a twin sheet. So, except for the wealthiest people, most slept with barnyard animals to keep warm.

Throughout ancient Egyptian and Roman times, only the wealthiest families could afford blankets. Years later, when the weaving process became less laborious, middle-class families could afford them. However, they were still expensive and often passed down as an inheritance or a family heirloom.

These days, we don’t have to worry about snuggling up next to the cows or horses. We’ve come a long way since the wool sheets of the ancient Roman Empire, too! Bedding innovation means that we can offer you the finest of luxury bedding. We won’t judge you for sleeping with one foot sticking out, so don’t be afraid to get in touch to speak with one of our bedding experts.

DreamFit Sheets

Mattress innovation has come a long way in the past few years — but bed sheet innovation? Not so much. Traditional sheets no longer work for today’s oversized, specialized mattresses. How often do you wrestle with your sheets while making the bed? Or wake up in the middle of the night, fighting to get the sheets over the corner of your mattress? If this is a familiar scenario, it might be time to consider DreamFit™ sheet sets.

Just as the brand name suggests, DreamFit™ sheets were designed with today’s mattresses in mind. Not only are they engineered to be easy to put on your bed, the sheets will stay put throughout the night — even for the wildest midnight thrashers. These are definitely not your mama’s white cotton sheets!

The patented design was engineered simply, to solve a problem that most of us face at one point or another. DreamFit™ sheets are guaranteed to fit and stay on your mattress, regardless of the size, thickness, or flexibility (adjustability) of your bed. Featuring super-strong elastic straps, the fitted sheet is oversized and deep, which makes it a breeze to put on your mattress — regardless of whether it’s foam, pillow-topped, oversized, or even adjustable.

We offer 3 different “degrees” of DreamFit™ sheet sets, depending on your sleep style and preferences:

  • Degree 1: Made of 100% brushed microfiber, this wrinkle- and shrink-resistant option is great for guest rooms or kids
  • Degree 3: Choose this 100% Pima cotton set if you’re looking for the right balance between comfort and luxury
  • Degree 4: 100% Egyptian cotton makes this set not only soft and dreamy, but also durable for years to come

With proper care, your DreamFit™ sheet sets can last up to 200-300 washings! Don’t use hot water, avoid bleach, tumble dry low, and rotate your fitted sheet from the head of the bed to the foot each time you change or wash your sheets. A pill resistant finish reduces pilling and fuzzing, and the result? You can’t wash the look, fit or feel out of DreamFit™ sheets!

Ready to stop wrestling with your sheets? Shop our selection of degrees and colors of DreamFit™ sheet sets on our website — and end the sheet struggle!

Selecting the Perfect Sheets for Better Sleep

Selecting the Perfect Sheets for Better SleepThe world is made up of two types of people: Those who keep their “perfect” sheets forever, even when they’re ratty and frayed — and those who just can’t resist upgrading to a new luxury set every year. (We don’t judge and we think both types are perfect just the way they are!) Either way, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about refreshing your bedding. In fact, we believe that any time is a good time for this! As you start down this exciting road on a new journey to better ZZZs, our bedding experts have a few tips to help guide you.

Are Higher Thread Counts Always Better?

It’s a common misconception that the higher the thread count, the fancier — and more expensive — the sheets are. It’s true that bedding with higher thread count can be softer and more durable than its low-number counterparts.  However, a thread count does not a sheet set make. There are other variables like fabric content and cotton quality that get thrown into the mix too. Here’s a tip: Experts say that any number over 300 doesn’t really make a huge difference in comfort, so keep in mind while you shop that more isn’t always better (except when it comes to cheesecake, but that’s another blog post).

Cotton or Poly-Cotton Blend?

During the shopping process you may come across polyester-cotton blend sheets that boast a ridiculously high thread count and think to yourself, “Self, these are the sheets for me!” Well, we hate to burst your bubble but it may be time to think again. Low thread count sheets made out of 100% cotton will always beat poly-cotton blend sheets with a high thread count in a battle royale. That said, poly-cotton sheets are more durable, able to withstand washing in hot water, and they don’t wrinkle nearly as much. They’re also less expensive than their all-cotton counterparts.

Beyond thread count and fabric content or quality, you also should make sure you measure your mattress and make sure the sheets you’re considering will fit your bed. If you have an oversized mattress look for “deep pockets” somewhere on the packaging or in the description. Some brands — like Dreamfit luxury sheets — are designed to fit your mattress and stay on, no matter how much tossing and turning you do.

Whether you’re investing in a much-needed upgrade or just switching things up, it’s important to research your sheet options before making a purchase. Still confused about how to find the right set of sheets? Get in touch or visit us in person to talk to our bedding experts!

Three Things to Know About Buying Sheets and Linens

buying sheets and linensBecause sleep is increasingly recognized as vital to public health, with sleep insufficiency being linked to motor vehicle crashes, it’s important that you get each and every hour. Since you need to spend so much time sleeping, you might as well invest a bit more, and buy yourself some comfortable, luxury bed linens. The only trouble is that shopping for these sleep accessories is pretty complicated, with all the thread counts and materials that are out there. Here are the three things to know about buying sheets and linens:

Thread Count is Easy to Lie About.

Simply put, the thread count is how many threads are in a square inch of sheeting material. That’s it. The more threads there are, the softer and smoother the sheets will be. We recommend a minimum thread count of 250, but luxury bed linens have a thread count of between 300 to 400, usually. Trust your instincts, if someone is selling 1000 thread count sheets for $20, that’s impossible.  A true 300 – 400 thread count sheet set will cost $100 – $150 in queen size. Read our Bed Sheet Buyers Guide for more information.

Look Out For Hand Enhancers when Buying Sheets and Linens.

Manufacturers can be sneaky. Some put silicone softeners or “hand enhancers” on their sheets, so that they feel extra soft in the store. These silicone softeners, however, disappear after they’ve been washed once. This means that consumers can’t rely on simply feeling how soft the sheets are in store.

Make Sure It Will Fit Your Bed.

When buying sheets and linens, make sure you get the right size. Perhaps it’s tempting to buy a size down or a size up if one is cheaper or if the properly sized sheets are out of stock. However, the sheets will keep coming off if they’re too small, and they’ll bunch up and be uncomfortable if they’re too large. Find out if you have a twin, full, queen, king, or California king size bed and purchase your sheets accordingly. Read our bed size blog post for more about bed sizes.

If you have any questions about shopping for luxury bed linens, feel free to ask in the comments. Don’t resign yourself to the fate of sleeping on sub-par sheets for the rest of your life. Use these tips to find luxury bed sheets you’ll love to sleep on.

How to turn two twins into a king

“How to turn two twins into a king” is a phrase very often searched.  Is it as easy as sliding the two mattresses together and calling it a day?  Not quite.  I guess you could do that but I think once you’re wedged in the crack of the bed at 3 am you’ll realize why it’s not the best idea.  Now, even though it’s not that easy  it’s not hard either.  All you need is a Easy King, formerly called the Create a King. What is a Easy King you ask? It’s just the handiest little thing since Replacement Bed Frame Feet. It’s a tool used to connect your two twin mattresses and make them a king. It comes with a long sheep skin connector and a band with buckles on the end.

Create a King

The truth about pillow tops

I think to cover myself I need to start out by saying, this is a matter of opinion and personal experience.  I’m going to follow that though with saying, we’ve been doing this for a very long time and you can trust the things I’m going to share with you.

The truth about pillow tops.

It seems like for every 5 people that walk through the door 3 ask where the pillow tops are.  1 asks, “Now is what they call a pillow top?”, pointing to the nearest mattress and usually flattest they see and the other 1 out 5 already know they absolutely do not under any circumstance even want to mistakenly look at a pillow top.

For the second group I mentioned, here is a pillow top:

pillow top
A pillow top has a visibly noticeable top sewn on. It’s actually what the name implies, a giant pillow that covers your entire mattress.

Now, the easiest way to explain these guys is to use bullets so, here we go:

  • They are very, very prone to body impressions.  You’ll more than likely develop a noticeable body impression within a few months. Then, the next thing you know you’re either sleeping in bowl or a “W”, depending on how much you snuggle with your partner.
  • The comfort life you feel in the store does not last very long at all.  Meaning, it could lead to serious discomfort and body aches.
  • They’re two times more likely than a normal mattress to have problems with severe sagging.  They aren’t very durable.
  • They’re reported to have more problems with off-gassing.

Though I don’t have but four bullets listed it’s the most important things they have problems with.  Comfort and durability.

The best alternative to a pillow top mattress is to buy a firmer bed and purchase a nice mattress topper to put on it.  This way, as the topper breaks down you can repurchase just the topper instead of an entirely new bed.

How To Clean Urine Off Of A Mattress

To Clean Urine Off Of A Mattress:

  1. Use a dry towel to blot the remaining moisture. Do not rub, just pat the area until you have removed the excess liquid.
  2. Sprinkle baking powder on the area to soak up the rest of the moisture.
  3. One website recommends using Percil Bio washing detergent or you can mix one part vinegar to one part warm water to make a cleaning solution. Put the solution in a spray bottle, and spray on the affected area of your mattress. Let the detergent or vinegar solution sit for 5 minutes.
  4. Gently blot the area using a clean towel. Then using a dry towel remove any excess moisture. Do not rub. Rubbing the area will only cause the smell and urine to go further into the comfort materials of your mattress.
  5. Sprinkle again with baking soda.
  6. Allow the mattress to dry thoroughly, overnight, if possible.
  7. After the area is completely dry, vacuum the baking soda.

Now that you’ve cleaned the mattress, your next goal is prevention

The most Googled mattress question is “How to clean urine off of a mattress”. It is a common problem, but a very preventable one! That’s why we have mattress protectors. Some people worry that a waterproof mattress protector will make a crinkling noise or change the feel of their mattress. Not so with the Serta Sleep To Go Mattress Protector. It’s very light and soft and it DOES NOT CRINKLE. It’s amazing. There is also a mattress encasement made from the same materials if bed bugs or even allergies are a concern. A mattress protector is not only recommended to stop urine from making contact with a mattress, but to keep the mattress warranty valid, it is required. Mattress warranties require there be no stains on a mattress if there is an issue. When you purchase a protector you’ll be safe from sweat, urine, blood and anything else that may ruin a mattress. Here’s a link to a video review of the Serta Sleep To Go mattress protector.

Want the Best Bed Sheets?

If you want the best quality sleep, then you also want the best bed sheets. High quality bed sheets contribute to the overall quality of your sleep. When customers get a brand new mattress, they’ll often upgrade their pillows and their bed sheets. Even a cheap mattress set can feel better if you have good quality sheets and pillows!

I know a good bit about bed sheets. And I know about bad ones. Last year, I ordered a sample set of sheets that were supposed to be 600 thread count. My cost as a dealer for those was around $35 for a king set. I thought that it would be great to be able to sell a high thread count bed sheet set that was really affordable (cheap). I took my sample set of sheets home and washed them. I knew right away that these were not the best bed sheets! (The cost should have tipped me off, but I ordered the sample based on the advice of a trusted sales rep.) The so-called luxury bed sheets were very course and developed pills after the first night. Of course, I never purchased those sheets for my store. I would be ashamed to sell sheets like that to my customers. We have tested every set of bed sheets that we sell. The best bed sheets we carry are our Degree 4 Egyptian Cotton Sheets from Dreamfit. Soft, long-lasting, and beautiful the Dreamfit Degree 4 are our best selling sheet set. Our customer come back year after year to get more.

best bed sheets
Egyptian Cotton Sheets

I slept so well on the mattress on that hotel mattress

Frequently, a customer’s night in a hotel will trigger a visit to our store. “I slept so well on on that hotel mattress,” my customer exclaims. Perhaps she stayed at the Westin, the Hilton, or the Marriott. “I loved it so much that I pulled the covers off the mattress and looked at the label! I want a bed JUST like that one!”

hotel mattress
I Loved That Hotel Mattress!

Why might you sleep so well on a hotel mattress?

  • Unlike your mattress at home, the hotel mattress was probably NOT worn out. It was probably relatively new, so it offered nice support for your body.
  • Though you may think that nice hotels have the most expensive mattresses for their guests, this is not usually the case. Most hotels order mattresses in bulk directly from mattress manufacturers, and while the specifications for these mattresses are adequate, the mattresses in hotels are rarely top-of-the-line in quality.
  • Don’t underestimate the effect of high quality bed sheets on your overall impression of the bed. The luxury of the mattress pad or topper, layered with crisp white bed sheets, nestled neatly under a fresh down comforter with a clean cotton duvet cover all add to the overall comfort of the mattress.

What’s the takeaway?

If your mattress is worn out, and you are not sleeping well, you need a new one. But don’t order it directly from the hotel. If you order the mattress set directly from the hotel, you will pay double what you would pay for a mattress with the same specs in a typical sleep shop. Also, “Good Sleep” is the product of many factors. Of course, having a supportive, comfortable mattress is one of the most important factors. But other factors may be just as important: a darkened room, a comfortable room in terms of temperature, a lack of noise or the addition of white noise, and soft bed sheets that fit properly. So at the hotel, was it really the mattress, or was it the atmosphere and “mattress toppings” that helped you sleep better than you normally do?

Easy King: Turn two twin beds into a king bed!

Easy King/Create-a-King
The Easy King

The Easy King (formerly called the Create-a-King) is a neat little bedroom problem solver that you can use to turn two twin beds into a king size bed. The Easy King straps around your two twin mattresses, holding them together tightly, so they can’t scoot apart. But what about the crack between the two mattresses? The Easy King has a sheep skin center piece that covers and masks the crack between the two mattresses. We have tried this in our store and it is also helpful to get a high quality mattress pad to go on top of the Easy King and mattresses to further cover up the crack between the two mattresses. You can use the Easy King to connect two twin beds or two twin extra long beds.