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Why Buy A Bed Frame or Bed Rails From Us

When I started my online store in 2000, I didn’t have much competition. No one was selling full to queen converter rails, low profile bed frames, or heavy duty bed frames online or even in stores. For many years, I maintained a niche, offering products that customers couldn’t find anywhere else.  Today, customers have many more choices for buying a new specialty bed frame or bed rails. Why buy a bed frame or bed rails from us?

Our Packaging Shows We Care

Our packages don’t look pretty, but we carefully package nearly every order in our warehouse in Hudson, NC.* Though constructed of angle-iron steel, bed frames and bed rails are no match for hurried delivery drivers or conveyor belts that sling packages from one destination to another. We consulted packaging experts to find the most cost effective way to protect our bed frames and rails. We decided on white pallet edging as the best way to protect our bed rails and frames. For less than $3.50 a package,  it helps avoid bent hooks and damaged bed rails and lost hardware (most of the time!)**. While it costs more in time and labor on our end, it saves frustration on your end!   buy a bed frame

Buy a Bed Frame From Us Because We’re Experts

If it’s a bed frame or bed rails, we probably know about it. We may be a small company; right now, only four employees, but we know a great deal about not only our bed frame products, but also what other suppliers have to offer. I’ve spent eighteen years listening to customers around the country tell me about their bed frame needs, and I’ve chosen products to suit as many needs as possible. I’ve also spent eighteen years honing the details of our website product descriptions to ensure they are complete and accurate. When you buy a bed frame from us, sight unseen, from a store you’ve probably never heard of, you get the product exactly as described on our website. Earning trust on the Internet is something we don’t take lightly.

buy bed rails from us
Bed frames and rails waiting on FedEx. (They’re heading to their “forever homes”.)

*Some orders are drop shipped from trusted suppliers.
**Unfortunately, edging won’t protect every order. Though damages have been reduced about 80% because of our commitment to packaging, it isn’t foolproof. The nature of shipping large, bulky bed frames and rails works against us despite our best efforts. If your item gets damaged (and is unusable) in transit, we’ll send a replacement.

Selecting the Right Bed Frame

Pretty much everyone who has slept on a bed knows what a bed frame is.  However, not everyone knows that choosing the right bed frame takes some serious consideration. Just as it is important to get the right support for your body with a mattress, it’s equally as important for your mattress to get the right support with a proper bed frame.

First, you should decide which size frame you’ll need. If you already have a mattress and/or headboard, you’ll buy one that corresponds with that bedding. With the right hardware, any bed frame can attach to any existing headboard or footboard. If you’re starting fresh and just figuring out which size is right, measure your room and think about other furniture that may be in the room.  Below are the standard bed frame dimensions for each size.

Standard Bed Sizes

Graphic showing Mattress size measurements

Twin: Usually 38” wide by 75” long, this size is great for younger kids or an infrequently-used guest bedroom.

Full: This size generally measures 53” by 75” and offers enough space for a sprawling sleeper — but it may be a tight fit for two people.

Queen: Typically this size measures 60” by 80” and is a good choice for couples who like to snuggle or have a smaller bedroom.

King: At 76” wide and 80” long, this choice is perfect for sleepers who like their space but it can also take up a lot of room.

California King: A whopping 72” of width and 84” of length makes this large size ideal for big rooms and restless sleepers.

Second, standard bed frames are great for most mattress options.  However, there are a few factors that may require a custom-sized or custom-style bed frame.


A standard frame is about 7” high, so add that to the existing height of your bedding. You may need something lower or higher that will help you get in and out of bed easily.


Buying a new bed for a growing child? Look into a frame that adjusts to give more room to stretch out as you upgrade the mattress size.


If moving the bed around the room is a concern, choose a frame that’s light and easy to move.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to finding the right bed frame for your mattress.  Give us a call or stop by to talk to our specialists to find the perfect fit for your home — and for a perfect night’s sleep!

Game-Changing Bed Frames by emBrace

Let’s talk about bed frames. How many times do you stub your toe or hit your shin on that rickety, brown, metal frame that’s supporting your luxury mattress? Have your kids stopped jumping on the bed because of all that noise?  We talk a lot about mattress and bedding innovation, but not so much when it comes to bed frames.  That was before seeing the new line of bed frames by emBrace.

Bed Frame of the Future

After decades of settling for the standard bed frames we’ve all come to know and dislike, the emBrace bed frame is changing the game. This revolutionary design features advanced polymer resin over Pennsylvania steel core supports.  It can hold up to 2000 pounds, which means it’s perfect for heavier luxury mattress sets. The emBrace frame is longer than traditional frames and comes closer to the end of the box spring, offering more stable support.

embrace-full-bed-frameFor as long as we can remember, we’ve been covering bed frames with bed skirts. A contemporary design makes the emBrace bed frame something you can actually show off.  Its height makes it easy to clean under the bed. Removing the bed skirt and allowing for easier cleaning are both small changes that will help allergy sufferers feel better almost instantly. The emBrace comes in four colors: black, brown, gray, or white.  This allows you to match the existing design of your room and compliment your style.

embrace-full-bed-frameAs for safety, your toes and shins will thank you! The emBrace doesn’t have any exposed or sharp metal edges, which is especially great for kids’ rooms.  An injection-molded fiberglass-infused resin encases the steel core. The edges are also coated with a soft polymer. This design will also help save all types of floors. This is the same polymer that helps reduce noise by absorbing and muffling the sound of restless sleepers.

If all of these features weren’t enough, the emBrace side rail connectors quickly lock together or come apart without tools. It could take you longer to remove it from the box that it takes for you to put together!  While the innovative design doesn’t allow for you to use risers with it, you can attach a headboard if you choose.

Want to know how the emBrace stacks up when compared to other bed frame choices? Bookmark our detailed bed frame comparison chart to help with your research.

Help Sagging Beds with Lazarbeam Bed Support Systems

Lumpy mattress?
Morning back pain?
Hard to get comfortable?

Check Under Your Bed

If you’re losing sleep at night and wondering if it’s time to buy a new mattress (again) you should consider the support you’re getting.  Even though mattresses have gotten more advanced and much more comfortable, they’ve also gotten heavier.   A newer, heavier mattress can cause sagging in beds that were made years earlier. In fact, over the years mattresses have gotten 40% heavier and can often tip the scales at over 300 pounds.

As much as we love selling mattresses, we also know that it’s not always the wallet-friendly option. We also know that sometimes you fall in love with the actual bed before you even consider how well the design would support a mattress long-term. Don’t worry about that gorgeous solid wood bed that Grandma let you take.  You can now buy that expensive, modern mattress you’ve had your eye on. Even if you have a newer mattress and bed frames, you could use some extra help. Here’s an added bonus: It can lift up sagging beds so you can use the space to add more storage.

Lazarbeam for Platform Beds

Lazarbeam Bed SupportEnter Lazarbeam — no, not the newest rock band, but a cost-efficient and patented support system that you can add to your existing setup. Lazarbeam systems are designed specifically for platform beds. Platform beds typically do not require a box spring or foundation. Rather, platform beds rely on  13 – 15 wood slats for support of the mattress. Good center support systems integrate and supplement your existing bed frame. The Lazarbeam support system offers support for sagging or uneven slats and even platform beds that don’t rely on a box spring.

The Lazarbeam is an all-American product made from domestic, raw materials and heavy-duty steel. It has horizontal supports at the head and the foot, and a vertical support across the middle to connect the two. The Lazarbeam is adjustable from 6 to 15 inches high and with compliance across every major mattress manufacturer protecting your mattress warranty. Installation is easy and adding the Lazarbeam system protects the investment you made in both your mattress and your wooden-slat bed frame. Sometimes getting a better night’s sleep means adjusting your current bedding setup, especially if you’re not ready to purchase a new bed or mattress.

Take some time to look through our selection of Lazarbeam support systems and find the one that fits your bed size.  If you have concerns about how these would work with your bed, call us or if you’re local to Western North Carolina, visit us in person.  We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions!

4 Antique Beds That Won’t Convert With Converter Rails

Using full to queen converter rails, you may be able to convert your full antique bed to queen. Converter rails are designed to hook on or bolt on to your existing full size headboard and footboard. These rails are the length of queen size bedding and have specially designed L-brackets for the extra width of queen size bedding. Most of our customers LOVE converter rails, because the rails allow the use of their beloved antique full size beds with more comfortable queen size mattress. However, following are four antique beds that won’t convert with full to queen converter rails.

Tall and Heavy Beds

First, if your antique bed is particularly tall or heavy, full to queen converter rails won’t be substantial enough to support your bed. Though full to queen converter rails work well on many beds, some beds work best with their original bed rails. This is owing to the overall bed design. For example, see the bed pictured below. Full to queen converter rails could not support the weight of a massive bed like this one. The original bed rails appear over 12 inches wide.

Tall, Heavy Antique Bed
Unusually tall, heavy antique beds like this one won’t convert using converter rails.

Sleigh Beds

Antique Sleigh Bed
If you have a sleigh bed, you won’t be happy with full to queen converter rails.

Sleigh beds are beautiful with their graceful curved headboard and footboard. Often sleigh beds come with specially-designed and shortened bed rails to fit into the curves of the sleigh. When a customer adds the extra length of full to queen converter rails – 82″ – 83″, often they end up with an extra 6 – 8 inches at one end of the bed rails!

Wood Beds with “Puzzle Piece” Rails

The “puzzle piece” or key lock attachment is common among antique beds, but hook-on converter rails won’t work with this type of bed. Bolt-on converter rails may work for your bed; It may be possible to drill holes and use the bolt-on converter rails to convert your antique full bed to a queen. This process will require some knowledge of how to properly drill into the wood and what type of fasteners work best in each application. However, if your bed is truly an antique, drilling holes in it may destroy its value. Below, you’ll see two examples of wood beds that cannot be converted using hook-on converter rails. (Bolt-on converter rails – maybe.)

Antique Bed Key Lock
If your antique bed has this type of attachment, hook-on converter rails won’t work for you. If you’re willing and able to drill holes, you may be able to use bolt-on converter rails.
Antique wood bed with round attachment
Above: Another example of a wood bed that won’t easily convert using converter rails.

Iron Beds with Cone Type Rails

Antique iron beds are fashionable and fit in many decorating schemes. Many of these beautiful beds, unfortunately, are full size, and their owners want to sleep on queen size bedding. No wonder; for couples, full size bedding offers less space in width than a crib mattress! One type of bed that converter rails won’t convert are iron beds with cone type attachment parts. See the picture below.

Antique iron bed with puzzle piece attachment
Converter rails won’t convert antique iron beds with puzzle piece attachments

If you still want to convert this type of bed, consult a local machine shop or welder. Often they can custom weld a solution for your bed.

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame

instamatic king sized adjustable bed frameSagging, squeaking, and shifting — If you experience any of these when you sit or lie down on your mattress, it may be time to think about replacing your bed frame. You wouldn’t build a house on a shaky, cracked, or poorly constructed foundation — would you? And as much as we would love to go back to our twenties, we don’t advise putting your expensive new mattress and box spring directly on the floor. (We shudder at the thought!)

Finding the right bed frames takes nearly as much thought and research as finding the right mattress. Here are four things you should consider buying a bed frame.


Bed frames aren’t one-size-fits-all. In order to properly support your mattress, your frame needs to match the size of your bedding. Standard mattress sizes include twin, extra-long twin, full-size or double, queen, king, or California King — but you can also find custom bed frames if you have odd-sized or specialized bedding. For growing families, consider an all-in-one bed frame.  These support a twin-sized mattress and can be adjusted to fit larger mattresses as you grow.


Does your bedding include a headboard or foot board (or both)? Make sure you look for bed frames that accommodate your home decor style. Look for frames that let you attach the headboard and foot board.  However, be mindful of the style. Some bed frames attach by hooking on or in, and some attach with bolts and screws. One idea: Take a picture of your existing furniture with you when you shop to avoid any confusion.


While traditional setups used to require a box spring, that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Innovative mattress technology means that some options don’t require a box spring as a foundation.  To compensate for this, look for a frame that sits a little higher. If you do need a box spring, measure the height of your current setup and add it to the measurements of the bed frame. Take these numbers when you’re shopping.  You don’t want to spend 20 minutes trying to roll out of the bed in the mornings.


Do you have a bedskirt you just love that coordinates with your decor? How about wheels?  Do you want to be able to move your bed easily? Is your mattress adjustable? These are all details to think about as you’re shopping for the right bed frame.

Just like your bed frame supports your mattress, we’re here to support you! If you still have questions about bedding, check out our Buyer’s Guide or get in touch to speak with our bedding experts.

Bed Frames: All You Need to Know

Angle iron, bolt-ons, hook-ins — oh my! Before you think about buying a new mattress, you have to start with the right foundation, but there’s just so much to learn before you can even start thinking about getting a good night’s sleep. We know it can be confusing and a little overwhelming to figure out which bed frames or rails are right for your lifestyle, but it’s just as important as choosing the right mattress.

Let’s start at the beginning, with angle irons and bed frames. These pieces support your box spring and mattress, and while you can attach a headboard to it if you’d like, you won’t be able to attach a footboard. There are standard heights (7” to 7.5”) and low-profile heights for you minimalists, which measure around 4” or 5” tall.

Bed frames fully support both your box spring and mattress. They can either “bolt on” or hook into to your headboard or footboard, with bolts and metal pieces that attach to them. Just a note — some bed rails require both headboards and footboards, so make sure to check the specs before buying.

For those of you looking for bed frames that might fit irregular or odd-sized box springs and/or mattresses, consider clamp-style assemblies that are easy to adjust. (Think your great Grandmother’s three quarter bed or an extra long twin sized bed.)

And, if you have a bed that requires a Hollywood frame, we’ve got you covered! Hollywood is a brand that’s been around since 1925 and generally refers to an angled iron frame. We have those for you!

We’ve put together this great infographic to explain some common vocabulary that will help you with your search. We’ve been in business a long time and learned a thing or two about bed frames and rails, and we wanted to share that knowledge with you! If you still have questions or want to talk more to our pros about which bed frames or bed rails are right for you, get in touch!

How to Choose the Right Bed Frame or Rails

Every profession has its own dictionary of terms. The bed support industry is no different. To learn how to choose the right bed frame or rails, the first step is to learn a few key terms in the bed support dictionary.

Bed Frame or Rails?

To choose the right bed frame or rails, first you should know the difference between the two. In the bed support world, a bed frame is a structural support with at least four sides with at least four legs to the floor. A bed frame fully supports a mattress set without the help of a headboard or a footboard. Most of today’s bed frames are made from angle iron, lengths of steel shaped in 90 degree angles.

right bed frame or rails
Bed Frame – Queen Size (Notice this bed frame has headboard brackets, but does not require a headboard.)

In contrast, bed rails require both a headboard and footboard in order to support the mattress and box spring. Like bed frames, many of today’s modern bed rails are made of strong angle iron.

Choose the Right Bed Frame

Your bed does not have a footboard (maybe a headboard later?), how to choose the right bed frame? Consider these three factors:

  1. Weight capacity of the bed frame. Today’s modern bed frames come in different strengths, from relatively flimsy to the heavy duty Monster Bed Frame, and everywhere in between. Get the strongest one you can afford.
  2. Size of the bed frame. Some bed frames are one size only, while others allow for lifetime transitions from twin through king size. Think long term and a bed frame can transition with you throughout your life. Clamp-style bed frames make use of special C-clamps for getting the size just right. Choose this type of bed frame for odd-size bedding like three-quarter size or for a more perfect, snug fit on your box spring.
  3. Special features widely available. Today, more than ever before, bed frames come in many styles and varieties. No longer is the consumer stuck with plain black or brown angle iron. With the elegant and strong emBrace Bed Frame by Knickerbocker, choose brown, black, gray, or white to match your bedroom’s decor. Low profile bed frames allow the use of taller mattresses or help lower the bed as needed. Bed frames with risers allow storage of out-of-season clothes, extra shoes, and holiday decorations.

Choose the Right Bed Rails

Your bed has both a headboard and a footboard, requiring bed rails, now – how to choose the right bed rails? Consider the following:

  1. How to attach the bed rails? Companies manufacture two types of bed rails today: hook-on and bolt-on. Many modern wood beds attach with hooks, while metal beds attach with bolts. Examine the headboard and footboard to determine which style it needs.
  2. Wood rails or metal rails? Replacement wood bed rails come in all sizes. With the right mattress center support (running horizontally), wood bed rails offer a long-lasting option for those with hook-on headboard and footboard sets. For bolt-on and hook-on beds, many sizes of metal bed rails are available with center supports included in the package. Choose metal bed rail sets for their affordability compared with wood rails. Opt for wood rails and a strong mattress center support (like the BedBeam) when price is less of a factor.
  3. Speaking of center support. Get the best mattress center support you can afford. Ensuring your bed is properly supported is one of the keys to sleeping well each and every night.

Choose the Right Bed Frame or Rails

Getting the right bed frame or rails to properly support your mattress and box spring adds to the value of your mattress set in several ways. Properly supported bedding lasts longer, remains more comfortable, and resists body impressions and sagging better than bedding that is not properly supported. The right bed frame or rails reduces noise and creaking commonly experienced with cheaper bed frames, leading to a more restful night and a more rested you.

Four Great Products Could Help You Get Some Sleep

Sleep just doesn’t come quite as easy for some people. About 60 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep disorders, which add about $15.9 billion to national health care costs. In fact, sleep is increasingly being recognized as a vital part of public health, as sleep insufficiency has been linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors.

Luckily, the weary aren’t helpless. There are tons of different sleep accessories that can help them get some sleep, many of which they didn’t even know could help, or even existed! Here are just some of them.

The Other Side of the Pillow.

When some people wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep, they like to flip their pillow over and crash on the cooler side. Though to some it might seem like a weird thing to do, an American study actually showed that a drop in temperature causes the brain to release chemicals that help the person get to sleep.

Low Profile Bed Frames.

Low profile bed frames are similar to standard bed frames, but much lower down. With all the thick, thick bedding there is today, it can feel like you need a stool to get in your own bed. Normal bed frames rise about seven to eight inches off the floor, but low profile bed frames are only four or five inches off, allowing you to get into bed much easier. These low profile bed frames are built to lower the bed while fully supporting the mattress and box spring. If you find yourself struggling to get into bed, definitely consider looking into low profile bed frames.

Box Springs Help You Get Some Sleep.

Believe it or not, your box spring is pretty important. One might even say it’s as important as a good mattress. You see, box springs act like shock absorbers. They take a lot of the wear and tear that comes from your sleeping on the mattress, while also supporting you and making you more comfortable. If your box spring is noisy, this can wreck a good night. Get some sleep by replacing an old worn our box spring or foundation.

Cookies and Milk.

Last but far from least, cookies and milk are a great bedtime snack. Milk’s tryptophan will help you feel sleepy, and the carbs in the cookies will get it where it needs to go in the brain. If you’re not a big fan of cookies, you can choose another carb. Just make sure it’s low in fat.

Cool pillows, low profile bed frames, box springs, and snacks are all great products you can use to get some sleep. While you might already have many of these, you can get additional bedding accessories online. If you have any questions about any of these products, like low profile bed frames, feel free to ask in the comments.

Use Your King Mattress With Queen Headboard

Use your king mattress with your queen headboard and a king bed frame. Have you found yourself longing to upgrade to a king size mattress, but don’t want to give up your perfectly good queen size bedroom suite? Well, rest easy friends. We now have a product, the King Modi Plate, that will allow you to keep it.

Use your king mattress with queen headboard or queen headboard with king mattress.

I will highlight the pros and cons, and offer a few helpful tips for using your king mattress with your queen headboard or even using your queen mattress with a king headboard.


  • You can keep your current bedroom set
  • Save money (because you don’t have to buy new furniture!)
  • Much less work involved in installing a modi-plate versus setting up all new furniture.


  • There are 16 inches difference in queen and king size mattresses. If you have a big, wood or metal headboard that’s over-sized as it is, you’ll more than likely be satisfied with how it looks. However, err on the side of caution when using thinner, more delicate headboards. We assembled this product in the store on two different headboards (one king-to-queen and again on queen-to-king) to show how it looks.

Below is what the King Modi Plate looks like with a queen headboard, and a king size mattress. Two products used (other than the queen headboard): King modi-plate and Leggett and Platt Restmore king size bed frame, item # K45G.

Use your king mattress with queen headboard with king modi-plates and a king bed frame.
Use your king mattress and queen headboard with king modi-plates and a king bed frame.

Below is an image of the King Modi Plate on a king size headboard, queen frame, and a queen size mattress. Two products used (other than the king headboard): King modi-plate and queen standard frame, item # Q45G.

Use your queen mattress with king headboard using king modi-plates and a queen bed frame.
Use your queen mattress with king headboard using King Modi-Plates and a queen bed frame.

If your headboard is thicker than the ones pictured here, the difference will much less noticeable. We intentionally picked two “worst case scenarios” to show you that it can look a little strange.