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Metal Slats For A Twin/Full Bed

Some manufacturers now require support slats on twin and full size beds. Metal slats work better than wood for supporting your mattress. Our metal center supports have telescoping ends that allow you to adjust the width easily.

I would recommend going with metal slats as opposed to wood slats. here’s why:

Metal slats are much stronger than wood ones which eliminates the risk of the wood bowing or sagging.

Metal supports also prevent the warping of your box spring by keeping it in the proper place.

Metal Slats
Easy Metal Support Slats for Twin/Full Wood Beds

Check out the twin/full metal support slat page for assembly instructions, how to video and specs.

These are super easy to install and very affordable!

Metal Center Support For Queen Frame: XR5-AG

Recently at The Sleep Shop, our store front, we’ve started carrying a new product. This product is the XR5-AG, it’s a metal center support for metal side rails on a queen size bed.

After adding it to our website it sat there for a few weeks and nobody paid it very much attention. So, we pulled one off the self to install it and see what he was all about and make a mutual decision that maybe we should retire him.

However, upon installing him we discovered that WE LOVE IT. It is by far the easiest center support I’ve ever installed. Especially when you order it from our company. (I’m not just tooting my own horn here it’s just that we open it to inspect it and while we’re in there we basically set it up for you!) All you have to do is pull it out of the box, screw in the foot provided, slide it on the lip of you metal rail, adjust the height of the leg, and tighten the wing nut. See, easy as A,B,C,D,E!

Truthfully, after seeing how easy and sturdy this center support is, I don’t see why anyone would buy anything else for a queen bed. Give it a try for yourself! Click here to view the product page and watch the video below to see just how easy this thing really is!

Replacement Bed Frame Feet

If your bed frame feet have broken, it’s not necessary to purchase an entirely new frame.

Now, in some cases it may be the best idea to buy a new frame. If you have an old frame that’s squeaky and raggedy it might be time to purchase a new one. However, these replacement feet are the perfect solution if your frame is just a few years old and they’ll save you quite a bit of money.

The replacement foot is a plastic piece that slips over your bed frame leg and replaces the current foot (or thereof.)

Click the link here for more information of sizing and measuring correctly!

Foldable Bed Frame

Do you need a convenient, foldable bed frame solution?

Here it is! The Pragma Fold-able Bed Base

Foldable bed frame
Pragma Foldable bed frame

It’s easily stored and assembled. Just unfold it, stick your mattress on top and you’re all set!

Pragma Bed Bases do not require a box spring. The Pragma (formerly Duraplus) bed base is engineered with heavy-duty wire mesh, which serves as a complete mattress support system that will not bend or sag over time. This bed base provides a flat, sturdy, squeak-free base for your new memory foam mattress or even your old spring mattress.

The strong, yet lightweight design can hold up to 1200 pounds per twin bed frame, up to 2400 pounds on the king-sized base. The weight of the twin bed frame starts at a very light 23.75 pounds. Pragma bed frames are strong, yet light enough to be carried up the steps.

  • The frame can fold or unfold quickly and easily. When folded, the frame is easy to store and takes up little space.
  • This TALL bed frame sits 14″ off the ground, so there is ample space to store suitcases or other bulky items underneath.

Time to Replace my Mattress?

In this industry there seems to always be a push to replace your mattress in a certain number of years. There’s a big box company out there with a rather annoying jingle about how you should “replace after eight”. While I agree that mattress companies overshoot their warranties by long shots, take the “replace after eight” jingle with a grain of salt too. Now, with that being said here’s the question to ask yourself that may help your decision become easier.

Is it still comfortable?

If the answer is no, you should probably replace it.  If the answer is yes, then you don’t really need too.

comfortable mattress

 A few things factor into the comfort life of a mattress. For one, the quality of the materials within the mattress.  Some brands use cheaper foams, thinner springs…etc. If you aren’t using a box spring or a properly supporting platform bed it will probably shave off some comfort life. Not only should you have a boxspring but it’s highly suggested to have a matching boxspring to that particular mattress.  (It’s always very import to have proper support of a mattress through box springs and bed frame supports) The weight of the person sleeping on the mattress is also a big factor.  The heavier the weight on the mattress is, the faster the mattress will wear out.  The amount of time spent and bed and the motion during the night play a role in durability too.

          Aside from durability our bodies change over time as well. We may outgrow a mattress far before the typically recommended 5-10 year mark. Depending on pain, weigh gain or loss, and several other factors you may need something a little more supportive or a little softer.

           So in short, although the recommend time frame is anywhere between 5-10 years, comfort trumps all. And, for the next time you go shopping check our guide to make sure you find one you love!

How To: Raise Your Bed

If your room often looks like this, you could probably benefit from some extra under-bed storage.  bed risersDeluxe Bed Risers allow you to raise your bed all the way up to 10 inches! Most standard frames are 7 inches off of the floor, too short to fit storage tubs underneath. Bed risers allow for more clearance so that you can make use of all that space under the bed! They’re made from a durable,  polypropylene plastic. They become part of your bed frame leg, so they’re very sturdy and don’t wobble and slide!

raise your bed
G10 Deluxe Bed Risers

I’ve made a video reviewing the bed risers and explaining everything you need to know about them! Watch it here!

All Size Bed Frames

If you’re looking for a bed frame for your growing child, you’re a newly married couple with a queen bed, but hope to get a king later, an all size bed frame that can grow with you is a great choice. Also known as an all-in-one frame, An all size bed frame can adjust to accommodate any bed size. A customer called in the other day wanting to buy a bed frame for his toddler. My customer was worried because at this point he needed a twin size, but

All Size Bed Frame
The Monster Bed Frame, Grows with you for life.

he knew in the near future he would need a full size. He had asked about his options and I told him about The Monster All-In-One-Bed Frame. He went with this one because his son can take it with him through his whole life. This frame is super strong and features 2 inch side rails which double the strength. This frame also comes in a low profile version.

Assembly Video Series! Also, a little shameless plugging for our store.

Currently, I’m working on an assembly video series. My intentions are to create a video for every product we have! I feel like it would be much easier to put something together if you can watch it step-by-step rather than fumble with instructions. It can be ridiculously complicated to put together a bed frame sometimes. I’ve spent hours in front of a box and a bunch of sprawled out pieces before. The good news though is that most of our products at The Sleep Shop require NO TOOLS! If you’re looking for a quick and easy bed frame to put up I would suggest a Restmore queen standard bed frame. If you’re looking for an easy bed support, the BL-1 center supportis assembled in less than 5 minutes, literally. I’ve done it before. So if you need anything stop by our website and get something super easy to install and even if it’s not so easy, I got your back with a video.

Here’s a link to our YouTube Channel: BedFrameStore.

How-to: Display Headboard and Footboard for sale

We have a set of “Retail Display Rails” for sale on our website. Sometimes when people call in about them they think they’re about to purchase an entire bed rail.  When I tell them what they’re actually about to buy there’s always a small sigh of disappointment because they were so excited to find an entire bed rail set for so cheap. I always want to warn them that they should NEVER buy a bed frame that only costs $29.oo but, I don’t. It always seems to be almost rude. Anyways, even though they aren’t an entire bed frame they are pretty awesome.

They’re 12 inch rails that you use to connect a headboard and footboard together to display it for sale. They are available in hook on or bolt on style. Maybe you have an antique shop or thrift shop and want to showcase the lovely new set you got in?  Or maybe you own a store with a variety of products? It’s very aesthetically pleasing to set up a head board and foot board that’s for sell and then drape a quilt over it that’s also for sell.

We’ve filmed a video of a head board and foot board we have on our showroom floor connected with the Retail Display Rails so that you can see what it looks like all together.