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Converting a 3/4 Bed to a Full

If you’ve found or inherited a three-quarter bed, you know that the mattress size is quite small, roughly 48 inches wide by 75 inches long. Three-quarter beds are great for smaller bedrooms and suitable for children, but finding a mattress may be difficult. Few of the major brands make special size mattress sets, so you’ll need to find a mattress manufacturer that still makes this size. Many independent manufacturers still make this size.

What if you want to convert the bed to a full size so the mattress and sheets and bedding are easier to find?

First use a full size bed frame for bolting on a headboard and a footboard. This frame is nice because it attaches both a headboard and a footboard. It also uses clamps, so you can adjust the frame to fit your box spring perfectly.

Full frame for bolting on head and footboard.

To accommodate the difference in size between the full and three-quarter bed, you’ll need two sets of mod adapt plates. Mod-adapt plates attach to the bed frame and bridge the gap between the 48 inch headboard and footboard and the 54 inch bed frame.

Mod-adapt Headboard Plates

If your 3/4 bed hooks on, you’ll need another gadget that attaches to the mod-adapt plates. It turns the whole frame into a hook-on frame. You’ll need two sets of Bed Hook Adapters.

Bed Hook Adapters

4 Antique Beds That Won’t Convert With Converter Rails

Using full to queen converter rails, you may be able to convert your full antique bed to queen. Converter rails are designed to hook on or bolt on to your existing full size headboard and footboard. These rails are the length of queen size bedding and have specially designed L-brackets for the extra width of queen size bedding. Most of our customers LOVE converter rails, because the rails allow the use of their beloved antique full size beds with more comfortable queen size mattress. However, following are four antique beds that won’t convert with full to queen converter rails.

Tall and Heavy Beds

First, if your antique bed is particularly tall or heavy, full to queen converter rails won’t be substantial enough to support your bed. Though full to queen converter rails work well on many beds, some beds work best with their original bed rails. This is owing to the overall bed design. For example, see the bed pictured below. Full to queen converter rails could not support the weight of a massive bed like this one. The original bed rails appear over 12 inches wide.

Tall, Heavy Antique Bed
Unusually tall, heavy antique beds like this one won’t convert using converter rails.

Sleigh Beds

Antique Sleigh Bed
If you have a sleigh bed, you won’t be happy with full to queen converter rails.

Sleigh beds are beautiful with their graceful curved headboard and footboard. Often sleigh beds come with specially-designed and shortened bed rails to fit into the curves of the sleigh. When a customer adds the extra length of full to queen converter rails – 82″ – 83″, often they end up with an extra 6 – 8 inches at one end of the bed rails!

Wood Beds with “Puzzle Piece” Rails

The “puzzle piece” or key lock attachment is common among antique beds, but hook-on converter rails won’t work with this type of bed. Bolt-on converter rails may work for your bed; It may be possible to drill holes and use the bolt-on converter rails to convert your antique full bed to a queen. This process will require some knowledge of how to properly drill into the wood and what type of fasteners work best in each application. However, if your bed is truly an antique, drilling holes in it may destroy its value. Below, you’ll see two examples of wood beds that cannot be converted using hook-on converter rails. (Bolt-on converter rails – maybe.)

Antique Bed Key Lock
If your antique bed has this type of attachment, hook-on converter rails won’t work for you. If you’re willing and able to drill holes, you may be able to use bolt-on converter rails.

Antique wood bed with round attachment
Above: Another example of a wood bed that won’t easily convert using converter rails.

Iron Beds with Cone Type Rails

Antique iron beds are fashionable and fit in many decorating schemes. Many of these beautiful beds, unfortunately, are full size, and their owners want to sleep on queen size bedding. No wonder; for couples, full size bedding offers less space in width than a crib mattress! One type of bed that converter rails won’t convert are iron beds with cone type attachment parts. See the picture below.

Antique iron bed with puzzle piece attachment
Converter rails won’t convert antique iron beds with puzzle piece attachments

If you still want to convert this type of bed, consult a local machine shop or welder. Often they can custom weld a solution for your bed.

Four Great Products Could Help You Get Some Sleep

Sleep just doesn’t come quite as easy for some people. About 60 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep disorders, which add about $15.9 billion to national health care costs. In fact, sleep is increasingly being recognized as a vital part of public health, as sleep insufficiency has been linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors.

Luckily, the weary aren’t helpless. There are tons of different sleep accessories that can help them get some sleep, many of which they didn’t even know could help, or even existed! Here are just some of them.

The Other Side of the Pillow.

When some people wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep, they like to flip their pillow over and crash on the cooler side. Though to some it might seem like a weird thing to do, an American study actually showed that a drop in temperature causes the brain to release chemicals that help the person get to sleep.

Low Profile Bed Frames.

Low profile bed frames are similar to standard bed frames, but much lower down. With all the thick, thick bedding there is today, it can feel like you need a stool to get in your own bed. Normal bed frames rise about seven to eight inches off the floor, but low profile bed frames are only four or five inches off, allowing you to get into bed much easier. These low profile bed frames are built to lower the bed while fully supporting the mattress and box spring. If you find yourself struggling to get into bed, definitely consider looking into low profile bed frames.

Box Springs Help You Get Some Sleep.

Believe it or not, your box spring is pretty important. One might even say it’s as important as a good mattress. You see, box springs act like shock absorbers. They take a lot of the wear and tear that comes from your sleeping on the mattress, while also supporting you and making you more comfortable. If your box spring is noisy, this can wreck a good night. Get some sleep by replacing an old worn our box spring or foundation.

Cookies and Milk.

Last but far from least, cookies and milk are a great bedtime snack. Milk’s tryptophan will help you feel sleepy, and the carbs in the cookies will get it where it needs to go in the brain. If you’re not a big fan of cookies, you can choose another carb. Just make sure it’s low in fat.

Cool pillows, low profile bed frames, box springs, and snacks are all great products you can use to get some sleep. While you might already have many of these, you can get additional bedding accessories online. If you have any questions about any of these products, like low profile bed frames, feel free to ask in the comments.

Odd Size Bedding Needs Frames Too

Odd Size Bedding

Odd size bedding like 3/4 (three quarter) bedding needs frames too. Yet, this can be a difficult bed frame to find. Bed frames are often designed to fit today’s standard bed sizes only. Because three quarter bedding was a popular size in the early 20th century, many of these beds are still in people’s homes. Many antique beds are this size. The measurements are 48″ wide X 75″ long, while some are only 72″ long.

What type of bed frame works with three quarter bedding?

Recently a customer contacted us about her antique three quarter bed. She also had odd size bedding, measuring 48″W X 72″L, that fit it perfectly. Because her room was small, she wanted to do away with the footboard. She planned to attach the headboard to the wall. I suggested the Twin to Queen Clamp Style Bed Frame that adjusts using clamps to any size from 39″ wide to 59″ wide. This allows for a perfect fit of odd size bedding.
odd size bedding

What was the outcome?

Over the weekend, I received a nice email from my customer in Kentucky saying that she was very happy with the solution. “Thanks for helping me find the right adjustable frame for my 3/4 short frame bed. Saved me lots of money buying a frame instead of replacing the mattresses.” She went on to say, “I was so happy to be able to solve the problem without breaking the bank. It is very sturdy now. We had wooden bedsides with wooden slats that were not very sturdy. We actually had a couple to land in the floor one night and just remained there till morning. Lol. This way we feel everyone can get a good nights sleep. Thank you for your help. Your service was great and so quick.”

Most important of all, it looks beautiful in her guest bedroom.

three quarter bed
Three Quarter Bed

Full Bed Rails for Crib Bed

Replacement Full Bed Rails for Crib Bed

Convertible cribs are very popular these days. These beds start out as cribs for your infant. Then morph easily into a daybed or toddler bed for your growing toddler. Then by simply adding full rails, convertible cribs transform into full size beds. What’s the problem with that? Almost no one buys the full bed rails for crib bed when they buy their crib. Turning the crib into a full size bed is an event far in the distant future, and the rails will take up space in an already cluttered closet. . . .

How to get full bed rails for crib bed

First, try contacting crib manufacturer

If you did not purchase the full size bed rails at the same time you purchased the crib, contact the crib manufacturer to see if the rails are still available to purchase. Sometimes, the convertible crib is still in production, and you can buy the matching rails. Unfortunately, it is the case that the manufacturer no longer makes the crib, and you can go with option 2.

We stock full bed rails to convert your crib

Check the way the convertible crib, or the new headboard and footboard, attaches to the rails. Though we don’t have specific full rails for crib beds, we may have bed rails that will work with your child’s bed. We offer two types of full size bed rails that may convert your crib!

Bolt-on Rails

The phrase “bolt-on” refers to the manner in which the bed rails or bed frame attaches to your headboard or your headboard and footboard. Bolt-on bed rails and frames attach using long bolts or screws through metal plates.

bolt on full bed rails for crib bed
These are bolt-on bed rails. You can use bolts or screws to attach these to your convertible crib.

Hook-on Rails

The phrase “hook-on” refers to the manner in which the rails attach to your headboard and footboard. Hook-on bed rails have “hooks” on the end of the rails that slide into the headboard and footboard and usually slip down to lock in place.

full bed rails for crib bed that hook-n
Sometimes convertible cribs will use hook-on rails like the ones above. We sell full size wood or metal hook-on bed rails.

Whether you choose wood bed rails for your child’s bed, metal bed rails for your child’s bed, or a full bed rail frame for your child’s bed,  The Sleep Shop has what you need to convert your crib to a full size bed.


Interesting Bed Frame Questions

Interesting Bed Frame Questions

We’ve received some interesting bed frame questions (and bed frame part questions!) through the years (and we’ve answered them). Here are a few questions and answers:

Q. I was searching the web and I wanted to purchase twin bed frame but I needed to know if the frame came with the middle metal piece that will support the mattress together. Also the Frame and Headboard I have are wood. Would I be able to use the metal rails with this?

A. Thanks for contacting us! Our twin bed rails often work with wood headboards and footboards. Here is a link to the twin bed rails page. Your head and footboard likely need hook on bed rails. We offer a printable hook template that you can print out to make sure that our rails will work with your bed. Here is a link to that:

The twin size metal bed rails do not come with a center support, although we offer them. Here is a link to center supports for twin size bed rails.

Q. I have a metal twin bed frame that I want to attach a wood headboard to.  It does not use hooks.  The bed is too high due to the increased height of the mattress and box spring so the headboard sits too low and I want to raise the headboard.  Do you have a product such as the Modi plates that would raise the headboard?

A. The mod plates do not raise the headboard. To use the mod plates you attach them to the current headboard brackets and they make up the extra gap. Unfortunately we do not have anything that will raise the headboard itself.

Q. Do you sell 3/4 to full hook-on converter rails?

A. I am very sorry to inform you that we do not have converter rails to fit that size. (These are not manufactured, as far as we know.) It is possible to convert a 3/4 bed so you can use full size bedding on it, but it requires several different parts. You’ll need a full size bed frame for headboard and footboard. Then you’ll need two sets of mod-adapt headboard plates to bridge the distance between the two sizes. Then to convert to hook-on, you’ll need two sets of bed hook adapters.

Q. I was interested in buying the Eventide bed frame by Knickerbocker. I thought it came in different colors.

A. The emBrace bed frame by Knickerbocker comes in several different colors, but the Eventide only comes in brown.

Q. Hoping you can help me. I am trying to attach 2 headboards to twin beds (purchased used). They need hooks, which I have to bolt to frame.
Problem is the headboard is too wide for the bed frame by an inch plus. Even with the hooks on the headboard facing inward to make it the narrowest possible, it is that much too wide. Headboard measures 39 1/2” between hook slat openings and the bed frame is just under 38 1/2” at farthest width. Will the mod plate adapter fix that?

A. It sounds like you can put the Mod Plate on the headboard bracket, attach your bed hooks to that, and hook it in the headboard.

Q. Can I purchase a modified headboard plates that will take a queen mattress frame and hook it to a king size wood headboard? Please let me know.

A. Yes, you can use the Queen to King Mod Plates and the Bed Hook Adapter to attach the frame to your headboard. Hope this helps!

How to Add Full Headboard to Queen Frame

Add Full Headboard to Queen Frame

To add full headboard to queen frame: First, determine whether you have a hook-on headboard or a bolt-on headboard.


Below, you’ll see a picture of a typical hook-on bed rail and headboard. (And by the way, you could use these products to add a queen headboard to a full bed frame as well!)

Add full headboard to queen frame. A detailed view of a hook-on bed rail and hook-on headboard.
A detailed view of a hook-on bed rail and hook-on headboard.


The other common type of attachment is bolt-on. Bolt-on bed rails and frames attach using long bolts or screws through metal plates. You can learn more about both types of connections on our bed frame vocabulary page.

Add full headboard to queen frame. Mod Adapt Plates
Mod Adapt Plates on Bed Frame


If you have a great full size headboard and want to attach it to a queen size bed frame, we have some great headboard hardware to help you do this.

If your headboard is bolt-on, you only need Mod-Adapt Headboard Plates. This nifty bed frame hardware makes it easy to bridge the distance between your full size headboard and your queen size bed frame headboard brackets. Our website shows a video of how easy it is to install mod plates.

Add full headboard to queen frame - Bed Hook Adapter
Bed Hook Adapter # 711 attached to Bed Frame

Queen bed frames nearly always come with bolt-on headboard attachments. This makes it easy to attach today’s decorative metal and wood headboards, but it makes it very hard (well, nearly impossible!) to attach a hook-on headboard. If your headboard is a hook-on style, you will need the Mod-Adapt Plate to bridge the distance between the full to queen width, and you’ll also need a set of Bed Hook Adapters. Bed Hook Adapters are a wonderful little piece of bed frame hardware that turn a standard bolt-on bed frame into a hook-on bed frame! The video below shows the two headboard adapters being used together.

Bed Frame Feet Exclusively Ours

Bed Frame Feet

Bed frame feet cracked or broken? Don’t spend $60-$120 on a new frame just because your current feet are cracked, broken, or missing. Bed frame glides or feet often get cracked or broken as your bed frame is moved across the carpet or even if you move to a new home. Bed frame feet can be replaced! We’ve partnered with a supplier in the USA to make these replacement feet that work with most bed frames. They’re exclusively ours!

The basic info:

  • Made of high density polyurethane, these fit snugly onto your bed frame leg to replace damaged or broken feet.
  • Our bed frame feet will not damage your carpets or hardwood floors.
  • Fit most standard bed frames in which the bed frame leg diameter is approximately 11/16 of an inch.
  • Polyglide feet are approximately 3 inches tall.
  • Your bed frame leg will go approximately 3/4 inch into the polyglide bed frame foot.
  • Bottom of foot is 2.5″ in diameter.
  • Please measure your bed frame legs to make sure these bed frame feet will fit your bed. For use on hardwood flooring and carpeting or rugs. Won’t scratch your floors.
    Note: These feet do not add any additional height to your bed frame. If you would like to add height, our deluxe bed risers are the product for you.

Use Your King Mattress With Queen Headboard

Use your king mattress with your queen headboard and a king bed frame. Have you found yourself longing to upgrade to a king size mattress, but don’t want to give up your perfectly good queen size bedroom suite? Well, rest easy friends. We now have a product, the King Modi Plate, that will allow you to keep it.

Use your king mattress with queen headboard or queen headboard with king mattress.

I will highlight the pros and cons, and offer a few helpful tips for using your king mattress with your queen headboard or even using your queen mattress with a king headboard.


  • You can keep your current bedroom set
  • Save money (because you don’t have to buy new furniture!)
  • Much less work involved in installing a modi-plate versus setting up all new furniture.


  • There are 16 inches difference in queen and king size mattresses. If you have a big, wood or metal headboard that’s over-sized as it is, you’ll more than likely be satisfied with how it looks. However, err on the side of caution when using thinner, more delicate headboards. We assembled this product in the store on two different headboards (one king-to-queen and again on queen-to-king) to show how it looks.

Below is what the King Modi Plate looks like with a queen headboard, and a king size mattress. Two products used (other than the queen headboard): King modi-plate and Leggett and Platt Restmore king size bed frame, item # K45G.

Use your king mattress with queen headboard with king modi-plates and a king bed frame.
Use your king mattress and queen headboard with king modi-plates and a king bed frame.

Below is an image of the King Modi Plate on a king size headboard, queen frame, and a queen size mattress. Two products used (other than the king headboard): King modi-plate and queen standard frame, item # Q45G.

Use your queen mattress with king headboard using king modi-plates and a queen bed frame.
Use your queen mattress with king headboard using King Modi-Plates and a queen bed frame.

If your headboard is thicker than the ones pictured here, the difference will much less noticeable. We intentionally picked two “worst case scenarios” to show you that it can look a little strange.

Extended Length Bed Frame for more stable bed

Extended Length Bed Frame

Have you ever sat down on the end of your bed, and the mattress didn’t have the support you wanted it to? Or worse, flipped up? Bed frame length is a concern for many.  Because many of our customers worried about bed frame length, we added extended length bed frames to our catalog.

There is a reason that your queen size bed frame is not longer than your 80″ long queen box spring, however. A bed rail exceeding the length of the box spring creates a dangerous hazard for your shins! Ouch! Normal bed frames measure around 70-71 inches long. Sometimes this length can cause problems for those of us who like to sit on the edge or end of our beds.

If you prefer a longer bed frame, the emBrace frame is 76 inches long in queen, king, and California king sizes! It covers more of the length of the mattress, offering greater support throughout the frame, and especially at the end of the bed. Extended length bed frame adds stability to your bed