Difference between a box spring and a foundation

Box Spring

Coil Box SpringBox springs like the one at left are rare today. Bedding manufacturers opt for less expensive wood foundation or steel foundations, though some suppliers still offer the old fashioned coil box springs as an option. It is not a requirement for today’s bedding, however, to have a coiled box spring, because today’s bedding offers so much more plushness than bedding of old. The old coil box springs provided additional “give” to old fashioned mattresses, offered in firm, firmer, or firmest.

What We Offer – Steel Foundations & Wood

In our store, we offer most mattress sets with a steel foundation. We call them box springs or foundations; using both words interchangeably. Our less expensive mattress sets come with wood foundations. The support is often just fine. The problem is in the construction. Wood foundations are made with wood slats to create a stable base for your mattress. The wood slats are covered with cardboard, and the cardboard is covered with fabric so it looks just like a box spring or steel foundation. Over time, the cardboard tends to squeak, and the wood weakens. There is nothing more annoying than rolling over in the bed awakening to the sound of a squeaky foundation.Steel Foundation

That’s why, when we have the choice, we always provide our customers with steel foundations, like the one at right. Steel foundations have a wood base, with a heavy gauge steel grid designed to support your mattress properly. Steel foundations are generally stronger and less likely to crack and squeak than wood foundations.

When given the choice, choose a steel foundation. Inexpensive bedding often only comes with a wood foundation. If the set is for a guest room or a child, that may be okay. For a good, quiet night’s rest, the steel foundation is the way to go.

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