Bed Frames Vs. Bed Rails: What’s the Difference?

Our customers often use the terms bed frames and bed rails interchangeably. To us, they have different very different meanings. What is the difference between a bed frame and bed rails?

Bed Frame

A Bed Frame is a stand-alone structure; meaning, it can support your mattress and box spring entirely on its own. This is what you need if you have neither a headboard nor a footboard, or if you have only a headboard. This is what they look like:

differenceAs you can see, it is completely connected and has a beam across the middle for added support. (Some bed frames don’t have this, but you need the center support for queen size and larger)

Bed Rails

Bed Rails are two rails independent from one another. You would use these if you have a footboard and headboard you would like to connect them to.

Bed rails only work if you have both a headboard and a footboard.


Pictured above is a set of queen rails with a center support; without the headboard and footboard the structure will not be able to stand.

Hopefully this helps! If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll be glad to point you to the product you need.

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