Bed Frame for Hook-on Headboard

Would you like a bed frame for hook-on headboard?

There are two options you can use for this situation:

Option One

If you already have a frame, you can save money by purchasing the bed hook adapter kit. The BHA is a piece of hardware that you bolt on to the end of your existing frame and it converts your bolt-on frame to work with hook headboards. They’re the product shown below and you can purchase them

hook-on headboard
Bed Hook Adapter Kit

Option Two

If you don’t have a frame already than the most cost efficient product is an automatic hook-on headboard. The K88N is a complete stand alone frame with hooks on the end. This allows you to hook your headboard on without the use of a footboard. It’s pictured below and available for purchase here.

Hook-on headboard
Automatic Hook-on Headboard only Frame

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