Assembly Video Series! Also, a little shameless plugging for our store.

Currently, I’m working on an assembly video series. My intentions are to create a video for every product we have! I feel like it would be much easier to put something together if you can watch it step-by-step rather than fumble with instructions. It can be ridiculously complicated to put together a bed frame sometimes. I’ve spent hours in front of a box and a bunch of sprawled out pieces before. The good news though is that most of our products at The Sleep Shop require NO TOOLS! If you’re looking for a quick and easy bed frame to put up I would suggest a Restmore queen standard bed frame. If you’re looking for an easy bed support, the BL-1 center supportis assembled in less than 5 minutes, literally. I’ve done it before. So if you need anything stop by our website and get something super easy to install and even if it’s not so easy, I got your back with a video.

Here’s a link to our YouTube Channel: BedFrameStore.

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