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Selecting the Perfect Sheets for Better Sleep

Selecting the Perfect Sheets for Better SleepThe world is made up of two types of people: Those who keep their “perfect” sheets forever, even when they’re ratty and frayed — and those who just can’t resist upgrading to a new luxury set every year. (We don’t judge and we think both types are perfect just the way they are!) Either way, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about refreshing your bedding. In fact, we believe that any time is a good time for this! As you start down this exciting road on a new journey to better ZZZs, our bedding experts have a few tips to help guide you.

Are Higher Thread Counts Always Better?

It’s a common misconception that the higher the thread count, the fancier — and more expensive — the sheets are. It’s true that bedding with higher thread count can be softer and more durable than its low-number counterparts.  However, a thread count does not a sheet set make. There are other variables like fabric content and cotton quality that get thrown into the mix too. Here’s a tip: Experts say that any number over 300 doesn’t really make a huge difference in comfort, so keep in mind while you shop that more isn’t always better (except when it comes to cheesecake, but that’s another blog post).

Cotton or Poly-Cotton Blend?

During the shopping process you may come across polyester-cotton blend sheets that boast a ridiculously high thread count and think to yourself, “Self, these are the sheets for me!” Well, we hate to burst your bubble but it may be time to think again. Low thread count sheets made out of 100% cotton will always beat poly-cotton blend sheets with a high thread count in a battle royale. That said, poly-cotton sheets are more durable, able to withstand washing in hot water, and they don’t wrinkle nearly as much. They’re also less expensive than their all-cotton counterparts.

Beyond thread count and fabric content or quality, you also should make sure you measure your mattress and make sure the sheets you’re considering will fit your bed. If you have an oversized mattress look for “deep pockets” somewhere on the packaging or in the description. Some brands — like Dreamfit luxury sheets — are designed to fit your mattress and stay on, no matter how much tossing and turning you do.

Whether you’re investing in a much-needed upgrade or just switching things up, it’s important to research your sheet options before making a purchase. Still confused about how to find the right set of sheets? Get in touch or visit us in person to talk to our bedding experts!

How to Choose the Right Bed Frame or Rails

Every profession has its own dictionary of terms. The bed support industry is no different. To learn how to choose the right bed frame or rails, the first step is to learn a few key terms in the bed support dictionary.

Bed Frame or Rails?

To choose the right bed frame or rails, first you should know the difference between the two. In the bed support world, a bed frame is a structural support with at least four sides with at least four legs to the floor. A bed frame fully supports a mattress set without the help of a headboard or a footboard. Most of today’s bed frames are made from angle iron, lengths of steel shaped in 90 degree angles.

right bed frame or rails
Bed Frame – Queen Size (Notice this bed frame has headboard brackets, but does not require a headboard.)

In contrast, bed rails require both a headboard and footboard in order to support the mattress and box spring. Like bed frames, many of today’s modern bed rails are made of strong angle iron.

Choose the Right Bed Frame

Your bed does not have a footboard (maybe a headboard later?), how to choose the right bed frame? Consider these three factors:

  1. Weight capacity of the bed frame. Today’s modern bed frames come in different strengths, from relatively flimsy to the heavy duty Monster Bed Frame, and everywhere in between. Get the strongest one you can afford.
  2. Size of the bed frame. Some bed frames are one size only, while others allow for lifetime transitions from twin through king size. Think long term and a bed frame can transition with you throughout your life. Clamp-style bed frames make use of special C-clamps for getting the size just right. Choose this type of bed frame for odd-size bedding like three-quarter size or for a more perfect, snug fit on your box spring.
  3. Special features widely available. Today, more than ever before, bed frames come in many styles and varieties. No longer is the consumer stuck with plain black or brown angle iron. With the elegant and strong emBrace Bed Frame by Knickerbocker, choose brown, black, gray, or white to match your bedroom’s decor. Low profile bed frames allow the use of taller mattresses or help lower the bed as needed. Bed frames with risers allow storage of out-of-season clothes, extra shoes, and holiday decorations.

Choose the Right Bed Rails

Your bed has both a headboard and a footboard, requiring bed rails, now – how to choose the right bed rails? Consider the following:

  1. How to attach the bed rails? Companies manufacture two types of bed rails today: hook-on and bolt-on. Many modern wood beds attach with hooks, while metal beds attach with bolts. Examine the headboard and footboard to determine which style it needs.
  2. Wood rails or metal rails? Replacement wood bed rails come in all sizes. With the right mattress center support (running horizontally), wood bed rails offer a long-lasting option for those with hook-on headboard and footboard sets. For bolt-on and hook-on beds, many sizes of metal bed rails are available with center supports included in the package. Choose metal bed rail sets for their affordability compared with wood rails. Opt for wood rails and a strong mattress center support (like the BedBeam) when price is less of a factor.
  3. Speaking of center support. Get the best mattress center support you can afford. Ensuring your bed is properly supported is one of the keys to sleeping well each and every night.

Choose the Right Bed Frame or Rails

Getting the right bed frame or rails to properly support your mattress and box spring adds to the value of your mattress set in several ways. Properly supported bedding lasts longer, remains more comfortable, and resists body impressions and sagging better than bedding that is not properly supported. The right bed frame or rails reduces noise and creaking commonly experienced with cheaper bed frames, leading to a more restful night and a more rested you.

3 Tips for Better Sleep This Fall

Ahh, do you smell that? It’s the scent of crisp falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and adorable seasonal decor. As you switch out your flip flops and cut-offs for chunky knits and fuzzy boots, maybe it’s time to switch up your sleeping routine too. Here are 3 great tips for transforming your bedroom and bed into a cozy corner as the nights get longer and the temperatures drop.

Tip #1: Choose versatile bedding

Sure, flannel sheets and heavy down comforters are cozy during the winter, but during the still-warm evenings of autumn, they’re not quite right. Invest in easy-care fabrics like microfiber or bamboo that still allow for breathability as the nights slowly become colder. You can also use sheets in these fabrics as a base layer as the months go on, piling on down or down alternative blankets depending on which direction the weather decides to take. Better yet: Splurge on luxury sheets to create a spa-like retreat as you lounge about in chunky knits and fuzzy boots.

Tip #2: Buy a new mattress

When was the last time you bought a new mattress? Sure, we sell mattresses so we’re obligated to ask — but we’re all friends here, right? If you’d be embarrassed to say the answer out loud, perhaps you should really think about taking the plunge. Sure it’s an investment, but there are options for every budget and sleeping style. If you’re really not ready or you just need some tweaking for your newer mattress, consider a mattress topper to create a cozy foundation.

Tip #3: Get Accessories to Help You Sleep Better

If you’re not getting enough sleep, welcome to the ever-growing club. (And if you are getting enough, we’d love to know your secrets). Everyone has their little trick or tip to help them doze off, but we could all use a little help from time to time. Consider trying a white noise machine to drown out sounds which might prevent you from falling asleep.  If you suffer from acid reflux at night, look into getting a bed wedge to help with that.  Both of these items can help you sleep more soundly. Make these tools a part of your regular bedtime routine and consistent schedule to help better quality sleep.

To get you started, we’ve put together a great buyer’s guide to help you choose the right bedding, mattress, and accessories for your lifestyle. Still have questions?  Take a look at our items we sell online.  If you are local, come visit us in the shop, we’d love to help you get a better night’s sleep this fall! (Pumpkin spice lattes not included with purchase.)