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Good Grades Start with Good Sleep

It’s that time of year again when parents cheer silently and children grumble out loud: School is starting! Gone are the long days of summer and the joys of sleeping in. Gone are the late mornings of hitting the “snooze” button 73 times. If you want to avoid the whole “5 more minutes” debate every morning, you should start (and maintain) healthy sleep habits now. Here are some tips for both parents and kids to help get a night of good sleep at the beginning of the school year.

Finish homework and housework early

The last thing anyone wants to do is wrestle with algebra (or a mop) right before hitting the hay. Set aside time during the day or in the afternoon to get work done so you’re not pushing off bedtime just to complete that last assignment or make that counter top sparkle.

Establish a relaxing bedtime routine

Create some quiet time each night before bed for reading, baths, or quiet games to help everyone unwind. This is a great time to put away distractions like phone or tablets, and ideally the TV should be turned off too. Take a break and connect with your family!

Know how much sleep you need

Children ages 5-8 need 10-11 hours a night, especially if this is their first year at school. (Kindergarten is exhausting, all that Play-Doh takes a toll!) Pre-teens between the ages of 9-12 need about 9 hours, and those teenagers of yours need at least 8. Grownups: Don’t neglect your pillow either — listen to Dr. Oz and make sure you get a solid 7 hours every night.

Prepare your body for sleeping

Do you ever let your kids “run it out”? It’s a great way to let them burn off extra energy so they wind down faster at bedtime. And unless you want them bouncing around like pinballs, skip the caffeinated drinks for a few hours leading up to sleepy-time. (Bonus: These tips also apply to adults! Who knew?!)

Dress your nest

This is probably the most important tip of all! The routines and schedules and sleep suggestions don’t mean a thing if your bedroom is less than ideal for getting some ZZZs. Having the right mattress makes all the difference, and so does the bedding you choose along with it. Picking luxurious linens and cloud-like pillows makes bedtime even more of a special event.

Good sleep helps everyone start their school days on the right foot! Looking to upgrade your mattress and bedding to build a great foundation for a great night’s sleep? Come in and visit us in-store or stay in bed and shop our awesome selection online. Sweet dreams!

The Sleep Shop celebrates 40 years

The Sleep Shop Turns 40 and Fabulous!

Picture this: It’s the year 1977. The average price of a new home was $50,000, Apple Computer became a real company, and The Sleep Shop opened its doors. At the time, mattresses were considered appliances and came in three flavors: firm, firmer, and firmest. In addition to mattresses, our first showroom in Lenoir sold wood-burning stoves — which cost about $150 back then.

Fast forward to the mid-1980’s and along with Madonna and neon sweat suits, the waterbed craze was sweeping the nation. This is also around the time when my father, Bill Howell, became part-owner of The Sleep Shop. They opened stores that serviced the surrounding Caldwell, Catawba, Burke, and Wilkes counties. Dad tells a great story about one holiday season when the team delivered 20 waterbeds, and all before Christmas! (We checked our records — none of them went to the North Pole.)

Just like neon sweat suits, the waterbed craze died out in the early 1990’s and business dried up (no pun intended) so my dad decided to close 2 stores in Burke and Wilkes county that were no longer needed. Bill’s business partner decided to move on while my dad stayed on at the store and expanded our product lines beyond waterbeds to focus on traditional innerspring mattresses and bedding.

In 1997 our family opened the current location here on Hickory Boulevard, and in 1999 I joined the staff to help.  Our website launched the following year in 2000. It was originally built to help share more information about The Sleep Shop with local customers. Soon we began getting more and more calls about how customers were finding our specialty and niche items like converter rails, heavy duty bed frames, and bed rails on a new-fangled search engine called “Google”. In fact, we were one of the first businesses to sell these items online to customers across the country.

Today, we surely have a ton of competition from the Big Name Stores, but we stand head and shoulders above them because of our commitment to customer service — both in-store and online. It certainly doesn’t hurt that we carry brands like Serta, iComfort, Kingsdown, and Jamison. Our inventory has grown over the years, and along with traditional mattresses, we also carry luxury adjustable bed bases, and pillow top and memory foam options.  It doesn’t stop there, though! We offer all of the bedding and accessories you’ll ever need to dress your nest and get some serious ZZZs.

While trends may come and go (we’re talkin’ to you, Madonna), some things have remained the same: We still take pride in offering our customers a great experience — and a great night’s sleep!