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Practicing Hygge Danish Lifestyle

I first heard the term hygge on On Point with Tom Ashbrook on NPR. Pronounced HOO-gah, it’s a Danish lifestyle popularized here in America and around the world in recent months. The word hygge is translated to cozy in English, and practicing hygge Danish lifestyle offers a cozy, comfortable path to happiness. In the cold, dark months of winter, create a home with the elements of hygge to bolster your mood. Take the advice of Meik Wiking, who literally wrote the book on hygge living, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, to create the perfect hygge-licious bedroom!

1. Hygge is all about atmosphere.

The most important feature of a cozy Danish home is flickering light: candlelight and firelight feature prominently. Turn off the overhead lights. Overhead lights are especially bad for setting the mood for sleep. Definitely turn them off in the evenings to prepare for restfulness. The Danish often have many candles lit at once. If you don’t have a fireplace, opt for a video featuring a flickering fire. The crackling noises often add a nice touch as well!

2. Practicing hygge Danish lifestyle by turning off cell phones

The Danish use their cozy homes for entertaining cherished guests and visiting. Rarely do they sit and stare at their cell phones while in the company of friends and family. Turn cell phones and tablet screens off to focus on the here and now. Because cell phones and tablets disrupt sleep, turn them off in the bedroom.

practicing hygge danish lifestyle mattress topper

3. Add hygge comfort with cozy blankets, toppers, pillows

Because practicing Danish hygge lifestyle is all about comfort, shift into lounge wear, a favorite sweatshirt, knit socks, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Fit your bedroom with all things cozy: a soft mattress topper, luxurious cotton sheets, fluffy pillows, warm blankets. Because self care and care of your loved ones is all part of making life hyggelig (hygge-like), consider adding some of these principles to your life!

Sleep hyggelig, my friends.